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History of Banking (Essay Sample)


History of Banking

History of Banking
Social Money
For any kind of relationship to be sustained there are several binding factors are taken care of. Money, for instance, plays a major role in different relationships. Every person will admit that he/she has once been in a relationship developed from money and also determined by it. Other forms of relationships influenced by money include international relations and business ventures (Rainer, 2009). It is agreeable that most of our human relationships are in one way or another influenced by money. Money therefore plays a significant role in all forms of relationships.
Role of Money in my Personal and Social Relationships
Most of my relationships involve money at some point for them to continue existing. This is also the exact situation with everyone else. All people's social, personal and business relationships involve money in some way. Most of these relationships, however, involve money at some point and without it the relationship dies. My life has not been any different since money has played a big role in my relationships. After realizing the importance of money in life, I understood that it was a major element in a relationship. In school I was keen to be associated with students from well-up backgrounds (Rainer, 2009). Today I also realize that money has also been playing a similar in my relationships and interactions with the people living around me. Sometimes I have to give much respect to people with a lot of money than those without. This has been a common culture in our society. Sometimes when I have no money to spend I avoid some individuals.
Today I also realize my role in helping the unfortunate members of the society by providing for their primary needs. Because of this, I have developed a different attitude towards the poor and am always ready to help wherever I can. Money dictates the people one meets in life and the friends he makes. Therefore everyone's friends and acquaintances are determined greatly by money. I think that money has the ability of separating or bringing people together depending on the nature of situation. Differences in income results in economic disparities hence diving people into different groups: the rich and the poor (Rainer, 2009). The rich continue to be separated from the poor as the income gap widens. Although money brings specific individuals together at times, it widely results in differences capable of separating people in terms of ideologies and views. Disagreement between people arising from money causes enmity. Money therefore joins or separates people depending on the nature of relationship. For instance, different marriages exist because of money while others die because of the same.
I have had several relationships founded because of money.
Most of my friendships in life have been influenced by money because we have to spend a lot of money on petty things like drinks and so on for the relationships to develop. Without money such relationships can be hard to maintain. I also had a relationship whereby money played a major role. My girlfriend came from a well-up family and was keen to have a boyfriend from a well-up or richer family. It should therefore be noted that she chose me from a similar opinion. If I was not from a well-up family then definitely I would have been locked out of the relationship (Rainer, 2009). I have found myself severally using money to seek favor from somebody. Sometimes I find myself being good to my friends so that the friendship can remain by spending a lot of money buying them lunch, paying tickets and other things. This act influences the thoughts and views held by individuals about a person. It is therefore possible to use money to persuade and also influence others to either do you a given favor or even draw their attention.
It is also agreeable that money makes wealthy people more attractive socially, psychologically and even physically. A person from a rich family is given a good upbringing and also taken to the best schools. Necessary provisions are availed thus making life comfortable. This helps the person develop mentally, socially and even psychologically. Such individuals are also exposed to different materials and therefore become bright as an early age. Gym and other fitness facilities are easily available hence making the people physically fit and attractive. Sometimes chemicals and make-ups are provided hence improving someone's beauty and confidence.
It necessary to understand that money can possibly be a source of contention or failure. Most of the children from well-up families eventually fail in life because they are never encouraged to achieve much in their own lives (Rainer, 2009). Sudden loss of money or bankruptcy kills confidence thus making people poorer and afraid of investing. Money also causes disagreements which eventually result in poor lifestyles. If not handled properly or used appropriately it has the capability of ruining one's life. On the other hand, stable flow of money improves the lives...
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