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Major and Minor Political Parties in US (Essay Sample)

a number of questions on political parties in the us source..
Can Political Parities Work together after Elections? Name Institutional Affiliation Can Political Parties Work Together After an Election? Political parties are formed by like-minded people with the aim of working together to solve set of problems in a region. A regime with multiple parties conduct elections to select leaders based on their political parties and ideologies. Depending on the country, political parties normally have a constitution in place to guide their activities. In addition, a political party’s manifesto determines the direction to which election campaigns take. In my opinion, I do not believe that political parties can work collaborate after working against each other during elections. One of the reasons is that, the probability that one of the parties will contest the victory of the other is high. This implies that there would no peace between the two thus unlikelihood of work in together. In addition, the ideologies of the parties are different and it would need too much effort from both sides to come together and merge their ideologies. Moreover, sharing of positions within the government is likely to create conflicts between the two parties. In most cases, before the election, political party leaders promise their cronies political positions, rethinking of such plans is likely to create confusion and animosity within the party. Moreover, differences may emerge in the leadership style between the parties because parties have different constitutions. In case, they merge...
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