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Russian Revolution and its Historical, Economic and Social Importance (Essay Sample)


You are to research on a specific event that took place at a specific moment and place after 1800 and locate its broader historical context. It allows you to explore the history of any place in Europe, the chronological limits are from the french revolution to the present but must focus on only one specific event at a specific moment and place. It should have two main sections, a description of the event and an argument explaining its historical importance. The argument should derive from one or more of the interpretations you encounter in the research


Russian revolution
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Description of events
At the start of the twentieth century, the majority of Russian population were agriculturists. At least 85% of the Russians maintained their living through agriculture and this percentage was higher than in most nations in Europe. For instance, in German and France the percentages were 50 and 40 respectively (Wade, 2000). The industries that were present at the time most of them were private property. The government took charge to supervise large factories to make sure that was minimum wages and limited hours of work. However, factory inspectors could not prevent law from being broken. In small craft units and workshops, working hours per day was 15 while in the factories were 10 to 12 (Wade, 2000). Despite the division of workers, they united frequently to strike and when they disagreed with their employers.
In 1898, workers formed Social Democratic workers Party although at the time all political parties were illegal in Russia. Therefore, due to government policing it had to operate as an illegal organization (Zajda, 2014). On the other hand, in 1900 the socialist formed their political party that was known as the Socialist Revolutionary Party. The party struggled for peasants’ rights and demanded that land which belonged to nobles to be transferred to peasants. The Social Democrats differed with the Socialist Revolutionaries because Lenin felt that peasants were not united as a group (Zajda, 2014). Peasants, some were rich while others were poor, others were capitalists who employed workers while others worked as laborers. With this division the socialist movement thought the peasants could not be part of them.
In the winter of 1917, conditions in the capital of Petrograd became grim. The city layout seemed to emphasize the separation among its population. The factories and workers’ quarters were located on the right bank of river Neva and on the left bank were fashionable areas, official buildings, and the winter palace (Hanak, 1968). In February of 1917, workers list sentiments st

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