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The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) (Essay Sample)


Over the past few weeks, you have been examining your selected topic in greater detail. The next step is to create an outline for this project.
The outline should cover the many aspects your presentation will cover, but in a bullet point fashion. Please try to keep descriptions of each bullet point to 1-2 sentences. This is more of a brainstorming exercise to help you focus on constructing the structure of your presentation. A good outline can make writing the paper, or in this case creating a presentation, much easier because your ideas have already been set up and you can concentrate on writing content over creating it.
Use the following structure for your outline:
I. Introduction
II. Main point 1
A. Detail 1
B. Detail 2
III. Main point 2
A. Detail 1
B. Detail 2
IV. Main point 3
A. Detail 1
B. Detail 2
V. Conclusion


The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) Outline
Student Name
The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) Outline
* Introduction: The Mexican-American war has remained an iconic piece of contemporary Hispanic history in America. Indeed, the Americans have always treated the war as a driving force that has created human civilization as it displaced the week with the stronger population. When conflicts arise, many Americans have been reflecting on humanity's experiences as solutions to the problems experienced from the war.
* Main Point 1: The historical account compares civil wars and the art of Mexican American war to define journalistic aspects in the American civilization.
* The conflicts developed through the Mexican-American war have been definitive of the human chronology as an aspect of war, conquests, subjections, and invasions (Elliott, 2021).
* American journalists have been working with the history makers to obtain details related to the civil wars, especially those in specialized American culture lines, and raised provocative arguments (Elliott, 2021).
* Main Point 2: With different stages of proclamation, the great Mejia created a candidly reasoned declaration of the Mexican rights and protection from the American enemies.
* The war shows a conquest of Texas city which was initially a Mexican territory and is believed to be an American plan to conquer entire Mexico (Mejia, 1846).
* The Mexican decision to take arms against America presents a biased decision because they labeled America as their enemy and did not feel safe interacting with Americans (Mejia, 1846).
* Main Point 3: different readings have been presenting history developers to the accounts of the Mexican-American war and other critical factors related to civil wars.
* Research on civil wars needs first-hand accounts and secondary research to verify all proclamation accounts and their relevance to the political structures (Minster, 2019).
* Ideally, the Americans have used the war as a determinant of the presidential roles in civil wars, among other roles played by the political figures by highlighting the dates of activities occurrences to facilitate a quick review of the events (Minster, 2019).
* Co

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