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Why Some Nations Led The Industrialization And Advantages They Had (Essay Sample)


Why some nations led the industrialization process and the advantages they had.


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Early Lead in Industrialization
In the process of industrialization, some countries took the lead while others lagged behind because of various factors. Industrial revolution took place between the 18th and the 19th century when there were significant changes in various sectors such as agriculture, mining, and transport (Roberts & James 7). Besides, industrialization called for the need to have sound economic and cultural values to guarantee its spread from England to the European region and eventually the whole world. Industrialization influenced the human history by changing almost every aspect of our daily lives. Some of the nations that took an early lead in the industrialization process were Britain and Germany.
One of the factors that made some nations industrialized faster than others was the presence of valuable natural resources. Many nations were endowed with good natural resources compared to others. For example, there were some nations that possessed rare types of resources like gold and even vital ones like crude oil that was in high demand for running the machines in the industries (Hudson 10-12). Oil producing countries were therefore in a position to reap huge profits as the demand for the commodity rose. The profit was important for the generation of capital for the production processes. Climate was another important aspect that determined the rate at which countries would industrialize. The production of resources is dictated by the climate which also spells out what will be consumed.
Sound economic policies were also an integral part in determining which countries would take an early lead in the industrialization process. Some nations underscored the need to protect property, either physical or intellectual, an effort that was only achieved by a government administration that was good in the management practice. Good trade policies were also important

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