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World War 2 (Essay Sample)


causes and consequences of World War 2


World War Two
Identify two consequences of World War Two, and whether they are still felt by today’s generations.
World War Two is a remarkable occurrence in the world’s history. Even though the derivation of the warfare rests in the economic and political developments that were going on in Europe in the 19th century, its repercussions affected millions of nations. The Second World War had extensive social, fiscal and political consequences majorly in Western Europe and other states. Research has rather proved that the cost of World War Two, further exceeded than that of the rest of history’s wars put collectively. The economic wreck of World War Two bewildered nations, which lost confidence in the existing administration, hence started to revolutionize. This paper aims at highlighting some of the major consequences of the war still felt up to date (Willmott & Messenger, 2004). 
At the preliminary stages of the World War two, Germany was generally successful and won all of its battles. These accomplishments motivated the Nazi Germans for even more ambitious endeavors in the war. Effectively using the German Air Force, the Germans subjugated what were referred as the Low Countries, which were; Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, and ultimately led an assault into French territory, which saw the French surrender to the Germans by mid-1940. Through speed, exactitude and proper preparation, the Germans had won and gained control of the Western Europe including France. Historians have pointed out that these conquests acted as motivation for Germany to want to take over England too. An unwavering Winston Churchill became the prime minister of Britain as the war was gaining momentum. In contrast to the expectations of the Germans, Winston Churchill declared Britain’s authority and the nation’s readiness for war against the Germans. This triggered the Nazi Germans initiating an airstrike against the city of London, resulting in what was known as the Battle of Britain. Many historians consider the Battle of Britain as the pivotal point of World War; as the undoing of Nazi Germany’s aspiration (Willmott & Messenger, 2004). The militaristic powers spent enormous sums of money on arms to sustain the costly war. Britain, for example, used her overseas assets to subsidize her expenditure on the war. She depleted her savings and was in massive debt, amounting to six billion sterling pounds. Most European nations who participated in the war experienced this indebtedness. The total cost to the Soviet Union stood at estimated 100 billion US dollars. The cost of military operations had a round figure of 1.5 trillion US dollars.
European countries had to find a way to recover the resources used during the war. This led to the nations, which had colonies to become ever more reliant on their colonies for the supply of raw materials for modernization programs. More so, they instituted industries to manufacture goods in their colonies, following intricacies experienced during the war in Europe. This dependence led to colonialism, which later translated to neo-colonialism; after the liberation of states, especially in African countries where even today’s colonial masters influence decisions in their former subject states (Berthon & Potts, 2006).
The war gravely weakened Europe’s economic domination of the rest of the world. The gigantic outflow of an extended clash strained every nation’s economic resources,...
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