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AT&T Inc. Ethical Issues Related to Green Computing (Essay Sample)


AT&T Inc. Ethical Issues Related to Green Computing


AT&T Inc. Ethical Issues Related to Green Computing
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AT&T Inc. Ethical Issues Related to Green Computing
Many enacted laws and regulations regulate carbon emissions to limit carbon emissions and hence global warming. Furthermore, businesses engaged in manufacturing, distribution, or sales are working to reduce their carbon impact. One of the sustainability strategies that technology companies have adopted is green computing. Green computing focuses on using computers and equipment in an environmentally responsible and eco-friendly manner CITATION Fra21 \l 1033 (Franca, Iano, Monteiro, & Arthur, 2021). Green computing stresses the slightest degree of negative environmental impact in the manufacture, usage, and disposal of computers and computing resources. As a result, companies and suppliers in the technology industry are constantly investing in techniques to manufacture energy-efficient, recyclable, and environmentally-friendly equipment. AT&T Inc., a technology corporation that was punished for unlawfully disposing of electronic waste, is the subject of this research.
Brief Description of AT&T Inc.
Incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1983, AT&T is a holding corporation. It is the world's largest provider of telecommunications, media, and information technology services. AT&T's communication section offers broadband internet and phone communication services. In addition, it has gone through a series of mergers that have aided in its long-term expansion. The corporation made US$181.2 billion in revenue in 2019, up from US$170.76 billion in 2018. For the fiscal years 2018 and 2019, AT&T produced earnings of US$19,370 and US$13,903, respectively. It currently controls over 40% of all wireless subscriptions in the United States. In addition, AT&T was fined and penalized for its involvement in a green computing ethical concern CITATION Dav20 \l 1033 (Butler, 2020).
The Ethical Issue at AT&T Inc.
AT&T was punished in 2014 for unlawfully dumping hazardous electronic waste in local landfills that were not equipped to handle it over nine years. This was an ethical concern since, if left untreated, it may result in significant environmental and health consequences in California communities. As a result, it was critical to hold AT&T accountable for its activities. Furthermore, if governments remained strict in developing and enforcing rules and regulations to safeguard and restrain irresponsible businesses, corporations would operate more cautiously. This indicates that such organizations' hasty disposal and subsequent contamination of the environment would be considerably reduced CITATION Ste14 \l 1033 (Gorman, 2014).
Who Was Responsible for the Ethical Issue
AT&T. Inc. caused the ethical problem. While there are various ethical difficulties with green computing, the company's illegal disposal of dangerous techno trash and other forms of waste at about 234 of its California warehouses constituted a major ethical issue. The government organizations looking into AT&T discovered that the company had been transporting hazardous waste to local landfills that were not allowed to receive them CITATION Ste14 \l 1033 (Gorman, 2014). As a result, electronic equipment, aerosols, batteries, and some liquids were disposed of, all of which will harm the environment and negatively influence the populations in the area in the long run. Toxic components in batteries and computing equipment, such as zinc, lead, and chromium, penetrate the soil. This form of poisoning severely harms the plants and fauna. As a result, AT&T would be held more accountable for its activities.
How the Ethical Issue was Addressed
Under the leadership of state Attorney General Kamala Harris, strict government enforcement was crucial for holding the tech giant accountable. The state attorney general and the state Department of Toxic Substances Control performed intensive and lengthy investigations. As a result, they discovered that AT&T had broken the state of California environmental norms and regulations. As a result, the corporation was fined $52 million to follow the norms and regulations. Fines and penalties in a court of law have shown to be some of the most effective ways to deal with ethical issues in organizations. Such strategies will assure the long-term viability of businesses while also safeguarding community health and the environment's safety.
How the Stakeholders of AT&T Inc. were Impacted
The stakeholders suffered a financial setback. Because of management's carelessness in developing and implementing solid sustainability procedures to assure toxic waste disposal, shareholders faced financial losses. Even though $52 million is a small amount relative to AT&T's annual revenue, the cash may have been used to make investments that would increase shareholder value. In addition, the corporation ended up devoting more efforts to restoring its damaged reputation. As a result, even in a significant firm like AT&T, shareholder loss cannot be ruled out.
Communities in the immediate vicinity were also affected. After being fined and reprimanded for toxic waste disposal, AT&T was not required to clean up the trash it had placed. The poisoned soil will have an impact on present and future generations. They have previously been exposed to harmful liquids such as lead. Due to the possibility of lead poisoning, the population will suffer from a variety of neurological illnesses. Another player is the government, consistently negligent in implementing green computing regulations and norms CITATION Ste14 \l 1033 (Gorman, 2014). Environmental norms and regulations are likely to be strictly enforced by the state government.
The Impact of the Ethical Issue on AT&T Inc.
The organization's reputation suffered as a result. AT&T places a strong emphasis on disclosing environmental performance, but it rarely follows its methods and frameworks. Despite its efforts to strengthen its sustainability practices in recent y

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