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Computer Science: Describe Hardware And Software Components (Essay Sample)


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Describe hardware and software components.
Computer hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer that are connected to the system unit through the use of ports and cables. Example of hardware parts include the mouse, keyboard and the joystick. The hardware part of the computer are responsible for enabling the computer to work effectively. A computer cannot work without the hardware part.
Software part of a computer can be simply de described as the combination of various instructions in form of programs. These instructions are responsible for directing the computer on what to do. Good example of software are the application and system software ("Introduction to Computers: Hardware and Software", 2018).
Identify basic components of an end user computer system
For efficient functioning of any computer, an elaborate system should be put in place. The system should be user friendly. A complete computer system must consist of the computer hardware which is the tangible parts of any computer. The hardware must be supported by the software part which present instructions which the hardware must utilize. The computer live ware is also very important. This is the human attachment to the computer. The computer is a machine and cannot operate itself. The main components of computer system are hardware, software and live ware (Fisher, 2018).
Describe the terminology and function of common computer hardware, software and components.
The hardware and software parts of the computer are responsible for proper function. The hardware parts of a computer are divided into input, output, processing and storage devices. The input devices are used to key in data from the user. Example of input devices include the mouse, keyboard and other gaming devices such as the joystick. Output devices present the information to the computer users in form of images, texts and presentations. The output devices are also important and they include the projector, monitor or the screen. Processing devices are for converting the data into information. The processing unit of the computer comprises of the central processing unit. The CPU is composed of the control unit, arithmetic logic unit and the main memory. The storage devices are divided into primary and secondary devices. The primary storage devices have direct link with the computer and include the hard disk. The secondary storage comprises of the Memory cards, flash disks and memory sticks.
The software part of a computer consist of instructions that are in form of programs that guides a computer on what to do. The software of the computer is divided into two sections. The application software performs fundamental activities in the computers. Example of application software include Microsoft word and Microsoft excel. System software only stores information that the computer cannot run without (Chau, 2016).
Install and configure computer hardware components
Hardware is very fundamental in any computer system. Installation of computer hardware is very important. The hardware parts may also be known as peripheral devices. The hard...
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