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Evaluating the Key Attributes of Human Attackers (Essay Sample)


Chapter #2 Assignment
According to the author of this book, there are three key attributes of human attackers, as follows:
What are your thoughts on this topic? Also, please explain the three key attributes related to this subject.
Answer the questions with an APA-formatted paper (Title page, body and references only). Your response should have a minimum of 600 words. Count the words only in the body of your response, not the references. A table of contents and abstract are not required.
A minimum of two references are required. One reference for the book is acceptable but multiple references are allowed. There should be multiple citations within the body of the paper. Note that an in-text citation includes author’s name, year of publication and the page number where the paraphrased material is located.
Your paper must be submitted to SafeAssign. Resulting score should not exceed 35%.


Key Attributes of Human Attackers
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Key Attributes of Human Attackers
Human attackers is one of the topics in this study that greatly makes an exploration of the aspect related to human attributes and social engineering and the manner in which they relate to systems and data attacks launched by the malicious intruders. In the modern day characterized by a vast an increased digitalization level, there has been a relative increase in the number of attacks on the data and systems within most of the organizational databases (Deepa & Pandiaraja, 2021). For instance, this is an evidence of the many skills and capabilities among the humans involved in the malicious activities based on their distinct ways applied in the manipulation of the systems to compromise the systems and maliciously access the confidential data from the systems. The primary attributes of the human attackers involved in these activities include intelligence, adaptability and creativity.
Based on the human hacking practices, adaptability is primary attribute that enables the attackers to gain a more understanding on the data attacks and related protocols. However, these attackers can mostly have an adaptability on the technology utilized besides their understanding of and overreliance on their digital intelligence. Most of the hackers have acquired much adaptability in their skills and competence to enable them in adopting the new trends in within their field of specialty (Deepa & Pandiaraja, 2021). One of the primary fields in computer science that is fast growing is cloud computing. Cloud computing has recently contributed to an increased enhancement and adoption of the secure mechanisms and protocols involved on the database management systems. While this has been growing from day to day, the hackers have increased their scrutiny in the adoption of better skills and knowledge that is enabling them to understand more efficient ways of penetrating the cloud environment.
In order to solve security issues, nations, institutions, and people must use offensive and defensive measures. To steal and get privileges, data, and goods is the goal of attackers while defenders use their based on security resources to keep attackers from taking their goods. When it comes to security, a homeowner may place alarm systems in strategic places around the property. Though attackers who know how homeowners behave may be able to break into a house in simple and unexpected ways (Udhani et al., 2019). Due to the ultra-development in the cyber world, the form of electronic weaponry utilized, the speed of operations, and the vast number of nodes to safeguard against a relatively high number possible attackers, defending against clever unauthorized incursions can be even more difficult.

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