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Mitigating Malware Risks It & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper entailed identifying the key controls that can be put in place to mitigate against the risk of malware attacks


Mitigating Malware Risk and Attacks
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Mitigating Malware Risk and Attacks
Malware attacks have becomes rampant in the recent past. There are various types of malware including Trojan horse, worms, viruses and ransomware. When an organization is attacked using malware, the controls put in place determine the impact of the attack. The organization in question had put in place strategies to mitigate against malware attacks. For instance, an acceptable user policy was put in place to ensure users only used the provided information technology resources for appropriate activities. Disciplinary measures were put in place for individuals who appear to have violated the acceptable use policy.
The new CISO implemented an incident response strategy and put up a team that could investigate the origin of malware. Incident response teams of the essence for organizations that want to reduce the impact of successful attacks. Awareness was created among users on what should be considered as an incident and email related extortions were considered incidents by the new CISO. 

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