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Network Security, Personal Data To Store, Potential Clients (Essay Sample)


Network Security

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16 November 2017
Network Security
Network security is a big concern for the companies whom have large amount of personal data to store for their potential clients. Here is a list of few suggestions which should be used by companies in order to prevent loss
List of activities that Companies should do:
* The first thing that companies should do is that they buy a security device such as Sonicwall, it protects companies data by removing all unwanted data and programs on pc used by all employers.
* A common method to do is protecting a computer by an antivirus program which will protect the computer from viruses and keep its updates on. (Cobb, chey)
* Web browsers are the most important target for phishing agents, companies must buy browser security agents. (The Cyber man)
* Do maintain a list of passwords which should consist of corporate passwords and personal ones separately.
* Maintaining a relationship with cyber security firm is also very beneficial as company can get updates about new security threats and policies.
* Keep programs in computers which are updated and regularly evaluate them by using bitlocker and Secunia.
* Always use cloud data system for sharing data.
List of activities that Companies should not do:
* Companies should not search for dangerous keywords online
* Don’t disable security protecting software in computer in order for high speed internet availability.
* In company computers, no one should be allowed to have p2p architecture programs in the computer just as bit torrent and uTorrent. (The Cyber man)
* Don’t take email casually, and open them with pure attention as they can contain malicious content which can store malware in computer.
* Always inform your employees that they never enable auto complete feature on web browser as it can remember passwords automatically.
* ...
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