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An Overview of Translator, Interpreter, and Virtual Machine (Essay Sample)


The task was to provide an overview of translators, interpreters, and virtual machines, and their importance in modern computer systems. It also discussed the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), storage units, multilevel architecture, and generational differences in computer design. The article emphasized the significance of these components in enabling effective code and software execution across multiple platforms.


An Overview of Translator, Interpreter, and Virtual Machine
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An Overview of Translator, Interpreter, and Virtual Machine
The terms "translator," "interpreter," and "virtual machine" are all connected in some way to the operation of translating one language or code into another. Even though each of these expressions has a slightly different connotation, all three are necessary components of modern computer systems.
A translator is a piece of software that, when run, will transform the source code that was generated in one programming language into source code that was written in another programming language written in yet another programming language. This is typically done with the assistance of a compiler, which takes high-level code written by a programmer and converts it into machine language, which can then be directly executed by a computer's processor (Rosu et al., 2018).
On the other hand, a

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