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Technology Aiding Crimes: How Pedophiles Use Computers to Meet and Groom Victims (Essay Sample)


How Pedophiles Use Computers to Meet and Groom Victims


How Pedophiles Use Computers to Meet and Groom Victims
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How Pedophiles Use Computers to Meet and Groom Victims
In today’s revolutionized technology, people use the internet to connect with other people globally using social media platforms. The internet sensation has captured the interest of the pedophiles on the use of social media such as zoom, WhatsApp, or others to facilitate internet sex crimes (Enough Is Enough, 2011b). Phone and computers are the standard digital devices used by pedophiles to meet and groom victims, especially children, to commit a sexual offense. They ensure that they convince the victim through chatting or video calling with the perception of committing a crime, violating children's rights via sexual abuse.
The pedophiles groom the victims, especially children, by following their secretive processes. The offenders first identify the victim, collect information about the victim through chatting or video calling, express the need, reduces the shyness, and start initiating the offensive crime (Jᴏᴇʏ’s TCᴀP Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ, 2017). The victims, especially the children, fall prey to trusted grown-up individuals such as neighbors, family members, clergies, teachers, friends, or family friends. Pedophiles use the internet as the core route to conceal their identities while facilitating grooming acts. Also, the pedophiles can still groom parents, guardians, or other adults, without them suspecting anything happening out of the ordinary. Moreover, the predictors can decide to

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