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Define What Is Meant By Verifying And Validating A System (Essay Sample)


The Essay Is About The Importance Of Carrying Out Verification And Validation On A Software System


Validation and Verification
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Define what is meant by verifying and validating a system
To verify or validate entail carrying out independent procedures that is used to check whether a system meets the expected specifications and requirements. This is meant to ensure that the system fulfills the independent purpose. These processes are meant to ensure that the system meets the specific designs intended. The verification processes involve checking regularly and repeating the tests that have been devised with the aim of ensuring that the service, product or system meets the design requirements, specifications, and regulations (Engel,2010).
Validation and verification are processes that are commonly used in software engineering. The two analyses two different processes. Validation answers the question whether the systems built are the right ones while verification answers the question whether the systems built are right. Validation is aimed at checking whether the systems will meet the specific needs of the customer while verification is aimed at ensuring that the engineering of the system is right and is free of errors. Verification will help in determining whether the software used is of the highest quality possible but will not be used to ensure that the system installed is useful (Mourad,2010).
The difference between the two lies on the specifications. This is because as validation tries to find out whether the specifications used to meet the needs of the customer, the verification processes check whether the system meets the specifications that are set. Validation is a process that is subjective because it is involved in making assessments that are subjective on how the system that is proposed will meet the needs of the real world. On the other hand, the validation processes include the processes like prototyping, modeling, and evaluation. Verification and validation ensure that a product has met the requirements and specifications aimed at. It is also called software quality control and it is the duty of the software testers to conduct this process. This does this as part of the software development cycle function (Engel,2010).
There are two types of software validation: the internal software validation which involves ensuring that the stakeholder’s goals are met. During this process, it is assumed that the goals of the stakeholder were well understood and were distinctly expressed as per the specifications and requirements of the artifacts in a precise manner. When the software requirements are met it is said that the system is validated internally. Another type validation is external. This happens when the stakeholder is asked whether the software meets the needs of the stakeholder. The different methods of software development call for different ways of getting the feedback of the stakeholder. The process can be continuous or discrete.
It is the duty of the system verifier to make sure that all the system requirements and specifications are faithfully implanted using a document called the software requirements specifications document.
The software must be run during the process of verification in order to do the verification. This is the only surest way of a ascertaining that the system design meets the specifications and requirements. The reviewing of the artifacts associated with the system will show that the requirements are specifications are met.
Why are verification and validation important?
Validation and validation processes are important because they ensure that the system or service meets the operational needs of the customer or user. The processes are also used to predict any faults that may occur in the system. This is done through modeling and doing simulations. The processes may also be used as the basis for the qualification of the development flow or the verification flow of a service or a system. Validation processes can also be used to ensure whether the modifications made to the already existing verification flow will provide the system expectations that are required. All these processes are aimed at ensuring that the initial specifications and requirements of the design are met. The validation is used to qualify the flow. It is therefore, a process of ensuring that a system meets the requirements and specifications that are intended. It is usually an external process. The validation and verification processes are aimed at making sure that the requirements and the specifications of the system user are met. The process does not intend to meet the needs of the ones who will operate the system but the general needs of all the stakeholders including the operators, users, managers, investors and the administrators. Software verification is done with the aim of ensuring that the specifications are met ( Triplett,2008).
If the system verifications and validations processes are not done, the system may not be running as per the specifications of the stakeholder and this means that the things are the processes will be running wrongly. This means that the output of the system will not be correct and therefore the whole process might be a flop. Verification and validation processes are necessary because the computers are designed and implanted by human beings are prone to errors. It is, therefore, important that the processes are conducted. The two processes are therefore necessary in order to detect any errors as early as possible and make the corrections. This will prevent the system from delivering faulty output. Errors can cause the loss of lives, property, damage, and finances
Provide an example of a real system that was not verified or validated properly, or both
There was a system that was set up to run one of the biggest supermarkets in Africa that was beginning a new branch regarding the products and the corresponding prices. After setting up the system, it was not validated and verified before the supermarket began its operations. It was assumed that the setup was perfect.
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d) What were the consequences?
The supermarket encountered huge financial losses because the prices churned out by the software did not correspond with the products. Products that cost very high were sold at very low prices because of the faulty in the system. The supermarket management was alerted after two days after the supermarket had incurred huge losses. The supermarket will immediately shut down for a whole week. The system was validated and verified and was declared validated and verified. The supermarkets then resumed their operations ( Triplett,2008).
Describe the hierarchical system of an autonomous car
Autonomous Cars have five main hierarchical levels. The first level of the autonomous car means that the driver is in control of the car the whole period but the functions such as the accelerating and the steering can be under the control of the car. This level has been in existence for a number of years since the features like the lane assistance and parking is regarded as basic functions that can be performed without a driver.
The second level of these driverless demands that the occupants of the car pay close attention to the environment and be ready to take the car’s control in certain situations. The combination of two hig- level pieces of technology like the inputs of the pedals and the steering are the ones that enable these cars to have a driverless control. These kinds of cars can steer and brake but the driver is required to have their hands on the when because in some situations they may be required to gain control (Triplett,2008)..
The third level of the autonomous car systems is able to monitor the environment around them. These cars are able to make decisions. These kinds of cars can see the car in front that is moving slowly and then make a decision to overtake it without the assistance of the driver. An example is the Audi new A8.This car is able to drive it to speeds of up to 37mph.
The fourth level of these cars has onboard computers that have the ability to do braking and steering coccurently.Officially this car functions without a driver in certain circumstances and can drive itself safely without the intervention of the driver.
The fifth level of the autonomous cars does not require a driver at all. These cars do not need the steering, the pedals or controls for a driver to take control ( Triplett,2008).
.Describe Elon Musk’s Hyperloop
A hyperloop is a form of passenger and freight transportation that has been proposed. This hyperloop comprises of a system of tube or loop that is sealed in which a pod will travel without experiencing resistance from the air or any form of friction. It will convey objects or people at the optimal acceleration and speed.Elok Musk’s version of this concept was first mentioned in 2012.This is a tube with low pressure which moves in the bearings of air and propelled by motors under linear induction (Schulmeyer,2012).
The Alpha Hyperloop concept got published in 2013.It proposed a route that will run from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area taking the interstate 5 corridor.
Hyperloop has been said to be a faster and cheaper alternative to the short-haul aircraft and the high-speed rail system. It is proposed to have a tube which carries passengers under a tube under the force of electromagnets. The concept is in response to the research conducted by NASA which showed the need for a high- speed cheaper transportation system. This concept is a total departure from the other aviation concepts that are advanced. It is however, an aeronautical concept that addresses the goals of low carbon ultra-efficient vehicles (Schulmeyer,2012).
The concept entailed a system that will b...
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