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Virualization and the Cloud Computing World IT Science Essay (Essay Sample)


THe instruction was to write 2 pages about cloud computing. It is about the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud services.


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Virtualization and the Cloud Computing World
Cloud computing services have rapidly been adopted by large networks. Many companies are now migrating their infrastructures from an On-premise setting to a cloud service (Cusamano, 2010). The convenience a virtualized network can provide includes the storage of data, monitoring and maintenance, and the improvement of different functions in a business. With the increase in productivity comes with a high Return on Investment. However, cloud services are not entirely favorable for some organizations, particularly for some small businesses and for companies that gathers and stores very sensitive information (Popović & Hocenski, 2010). What are the advantages of having a virtual network service and what are the impacts of these types of setup to organizations?
SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS technology primarily rely on the internet to deliver their services. All their processes are done remotely. The service providers operate on a different location away from the network being serviced. A large part of the internal IT department would be completely redundant if the company decides to acquire such cloud network setting (Cusamano, 2010). Deployment of the infrastructure, installation and maintenance of software applications are some of the factors that would affect the IT department. A cloud computing service provider assigns a team in their company to do these types of tasks for the client. Keeping the IT people who handles these tasks can be an addition cost for the company. Unless the company decides to create a private cloud where only their employees can operate, then the IT department personnel will not lose their jobs. Operating on a private cloud is the most secure cloud service an organization can utilize because only company employees can access the network (Rani & Ranjan, 2014).

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