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Border Security Issues (Essay Sample)


Identify a credible source (this is a step down from a “Scholarly Source” and includes editorials from reputable news sources and TV documentaries) Identify issues that are applicable to border security. Please ensure your sources are less than 5 years old. itial Post: Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words in length. Summarize a minimum of two Homeland Security border security issues found in your initial research and advocate for the position of the author of the article or documentary. Support your claims with in-text citations and provide APA references at the end of your post.


Border security issues
According to American Border security customs, Border security is a major prioritized field that ensures neither the terrorists nor their weapons will invade the states and welcome those lawful visitors and trade. The CBP agents and the officers enforce all relevant U.S. laws, including those relating to illegal immigration, drugs trafficking, and illegal imports (Baird, 2017). As a result, border security is critical for the U. S.A to safeguard the nation's border effectively. It is not a simple task, but it must be completed; otherwise, imagine the tragedy that will befall our country.
For the last several decades, the States' policy for securing its u.s.-Mexico border has experienced various changes and developments, all of which have aided in preventing undocumented immigrants, drug dealing, and possibly terrorism. "Again for recent decades, America, a state with such a proud tradition of fiscal conservatism, has indeed been continuing to pursue a massively popular entrepreneurial spirit that necessitates the most optimistic expansion packs of political authority in recent history: attempting to secure the sovereign borders against uncontrolled immigration," the author writes (Alden, 2012). Countless people are seeking to come to America without proper documentation, putting their health and the lives of others in danger every day.
To avert this, law enforcement and other border security officials have vowed to imprison and arrest these illegal immigrants, as well as other types of punishment. Control of the Border Border security, in my opinion, should be a top priority, and it is crucial to me because of the effects we are presently experiencing and will continue to experience. Rather than blaming them, we have decades of youngsters who will now rely on us to fix these challenges (John and Alissah, 2021). Even if Border Security is properly addressed, the radical terrorist danger will persist. It will be easier to address due to the internal gains. Securing our almost 6000-mile border between Canada and Mexico, not to mention our coastline coasts and ports, is critical for numerous reasons, including national s

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