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Data Analytics in Criminal Justice (Essay Sample)


This paper is about data analytics in criminal justice. It entailed two parts = homework one and homework two. in the former, the students were required to explain how data analytics is used by certain actors in the criminal justice. In the second part, the students were required to identify the existing challenges and pitfalls of the data analytics.


Data Analytics in Criminal Justice
Data Analytics in Criminal Justice
Homework One
By definition, criminal justice refers to a system through which crimes and criminals are identified, apprehended, judged, and punished. It consists of three essential parts; Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections, which work sequentially to protect fundamental human rights and enhance justice.
The law enforcement agencies, which are in the front lines of the system, are tasked with investigating. Upon apprehension of the suspects, the courts hear the cases and issue verdicts through which if the accused is turned over to correctional facilities if found guilty. The criminal justice system intertwines with data analytics to the extent that it entails analyzing data to achieve different outcomes through its different types including prescriptive, diagnosis, descriptive, and predictive analytics.
Data analytics has, however, evolved over the years to fundamental impacts. In the past, data analytics was less integrated into the criminal justice system. Hitherto, different pieces of the criminal justice system employ data analytics for varied reasons. Law enforcement agencies engage data from crime scenes to establish connections between cases and profile criminals. Law firms employ legal data analysis to secure good outcomes for clients. Courts use analytics to enable policymaking on crime and the administration of justice.
Fundamentally, big data analytics has disrupted the criminal justice system significantly. In its different forms, the criminal justice system now enjoys easier ways of storing and accessing records. Hence, the actors in the system keep a large pool of big data, which provides them with more accurate findings enabling them to prepare, manage, analyze, and report on cases and crimes and also make important decisions in that field.

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