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Determining the Effects of Crime in Community (Essay Sample)


Effects of crime in the community . THE SAMPLE HAS HIGHLIGHTED how an increase in crime may affect residents within my neighborhood and the changes that can be made to reduce the crime and make it more difficult for offenders to commit crimes within the community. THE ARTICLE HAS CONCLUDED THAT Communities need to understand the difference between acknowledging and understanding crime and how to address the situation. Identifying the causes of criminal activity and safety threats is the first step in fighting corruption in the community. The next step is to prevent crime and maintain security within the neighborhood so that the whole community can be kept safe and keep its members safe. Finally, implementing the actions that can be used in fighting crime in the area can be done through community development processes.


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An increase in crime has been primarily responsible for the decline of communities. Crime is something that is unfortunately inevitable in modern societies and can happen anywhere. Various factors lead to an increase in the likelihood of crime occurring in a particular community. Still, at the same time, there is also no guarantee that it will happen anywhere either. Crime has been a central topic of discussion in many American communities that have raised concerns with the public. Most people have begun questioning if they are safe in their communities. Some kinds of crimes may be rampant in some communities and not committed in other communities. Many potential issues are responsible for causing crime in communities that may render a community inhabitable.
This paper will explain how an increase in crime may affect residents within my neighborhood and the changes that can be made to reduce the crime and make it more difficult for offenders to commit crimes within the community.
Crime is always associated with negative effects on a community and its members, forcing the members of a particular community to come together and take action against a crime. There are different ways in which crime affects other communities depending on the amount of crime occurring in that particular community (Crawford & Evans, 2017). Crime is responsible for reducing community safety. In most of the scenarios where crime has happened, crime and safety go hand in hand, meaning that whenever crime increases, safety decreases, and whenever protection decreases crime increases (Crawford & Evans, 2017). Communities with high crime rates may hurt security because the actions that community members can take supersede the crime being committed. Members of a particular community always feel safe whenever a crime occurs in their community, and the actions taken are responsible for reducing the crime.

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