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Economics And Political Science (Essay Sample)

The task was to write responses on another students' posts. This sample is about political science and economics. source..
Discussion Responses On Classmates' Posts Student's Name Professor's Name Business And Management January 19, 2019 Response Discussion On Number One Classmate Post People should benefit from enjoying the perks associated with civil freedom as long as democracy is present. I agree with the author of the first post that democracy is indeed vital in order for every individual in all types of societies to be able to live decent lifestyles and live comfortably. Democracy should likely be not beneficial if people abuse the presence of it. If people rampantly violate laws and commit other crimes, then they are already abusing democracy. Violation of legal provisions in relation to the supply of human capital (i.e., labor work, talents, skills, and knowledge contributed by employees) is also a form of abuse of democracy. Without being able to enjoy the benefits and perks that should be gotten out of the substantial amounts of human capital supplied, many people in all of the parts of the world would have low quality lifestyles. Desegregation of residential neighborhoods of individuals in accordance to the economic class they belong to is a form of displacement of democracy (Widestrom, 2015). If democracy is displaced, it means that many people are not making use of the benefits democracy brings in the best way that they possibly can. The same negative consequences in societies and economies should be felt both if democracy is abused and displaced. Response Discussion On Number Two Classmate Post Mix economies are composed of two types of institutions: informal and formal institutions. It is easier to regulate and control the activities that formal institutions produce. For example, voters just need to vote for the right politicians during elections in order to ensure the economic and political affairs of their governments are implemented and regulated properly and orderly. On the other hand, activities that informal activities produce are more difficult to regulate and control. Any person does not have control on the wants, preferences, and needs of others. Because of this, any person does not have any control as to the maintenance of the stability of their respective countries' economy once informal institutions impose negative effects on economic affairs. Countries that have obtained independence would not have their economy continuously ...
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