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International Laws Law Essay Research Coursework Paper (Essay Sample)


The essay sought to opine concerning controversial labor laws; specifically, the sample addresses laws involving the compensation of sleep-in employees in the UK.


M7D1: International Laws
Student’s Name
M7D1: International Laws
Ethics are moral values that govern human behavior in their personal and professional activities; in employment law, ethics is critical since it is the moral compass upon which laws are based. As the world hurtles towards a 24-hour economy, employers – especially in the social care sector – are finding it necessary to have employees who work overnight to cater to clients with critical needs. However, ethical concerns have emerged regarding the compensation formula for the sleep-in workers with employers opposing the proposal to pay minimum wage to their sleep-in employees whether they are awake or available to work or not. Hence, a law should be defined that compels employers to compensate sleep-in workers provided they have reported to their workstations.

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