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Lab Assignment: Police Officer's Dilemma (Essay Sample)


Lab Assignment: Police Officer’s Dilemma


Lab Assignment: Police Officer’s Dilemma
Lab Assignment: Police Officer’s Dilemma
Questions and answers
Describe what is shooter bias and how is it related to stereotypes about African-Americans.
Shooter bias is the speed at which shooter; (normally the police) responds to unarmed white man as compared to the response time that a shooter takes to take down unarmed African American target. This also refers to the speed at which a shooter takes down an armed white man as compared to the response time that a shooter takes to shoot an armed African American. There is a strong belief that African Americans are thugs and are always armed, there is also a belief that African Americans are fast at shooting, it is therefore imperative that African Americans are always armed, therefore the police should always shoot them on sight.
The relationship of shooter bias to stereotypes about African Americans
From the article it is clear that there is a shooter bias related to the stereotypic feelings of the shooter, for example, it is much easier for a white police officer to shoot a black African American whom the police suspects is armed than it is easier for a white man to shoot a fellow white man. In the case of a fellow white man, a white police officer or even a black police office is likely to request him to freeze twice even if he is armed. There is a general bias and gut feelings that armed black African Americans are ruthless therefore the police should shot them on sight.
What individual or situational factors may influence the degree of shooter bias?
There are a number of factors that influences shooter bias, however, the most prevalent factors include: Ethnicity: like in African vs. American or As...
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