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Pros and Cons of Big Data Policing (Essay Sample)


Read articles and chapter summaries, watch videos, and listen to Podcast. Write a 400 to 500-word essay summarizing the conclusions of the author about the pros and cons of Big Data Policing. basically just choose like 3 from those links in the document, quote some staff, I prefer if they go in quotation signs, and put the reference at the bottom if you want to use more of the links that are in document you can do not use outside resources Submit the assignment as a single Word file. Deliver High Quality and Non-Plagiarized Work in a Timely Manner


Pros and Cons of Big Data Policing
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Pros and Cons of Big Data Policing
The introduction of Big Data Policing has brought both benefits and limitations to the operations of the police force. Accordingly, it refers to the “…collection and analysis of large data sets with the goal to reveal hidden patterns or insights” (Ferguson, 2017, p.8). It is worth noting that it is through the comprehensive integration of big data that it is possible to get ads on recent google searches. 

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