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School Law (Essay Sample)


It was about reading a case study and analyzing the law concepts that are clearly brought out from the task.


School Law
A school is a learning institution where values are incorporated in all the dealings that exist. This means that whatever conspires within its environs has to abide by the set rules, which are always laid down for the good of the members of the institution. The school district has every given right t harmonize the laws that will stipulate the approved activities to be carried out within the schools in their jurisdiction, for the benefit of all stakeholders (Morgan, 2012).
Religion is a critical sector in any given institution, whereby students come from varied backgrounds with diverse religious backgrounds. The school district is always compelled to ensure that the rules set do not stem out as being bias in relation to a particular religious setting. The holidays set forth and the presentations are within the governing laws of the district, hence all institutions should abide by them. The schools should understand the constitutions accorded to them by the district are harmonized to accommodate all existing parties.
In the case at hand, the school district was extremely right to consider the impacts that the very music presentation would have on other religious fronts. Despite the fact that there was a holiday in waiting, Christmas for that matter, there was no clear communication on the reason behind the parent requesting for the presentation. The consequences of the presentation and preparations were not also considered, and the school district had every right to deter the progression of the given presentation (Reigeluth, Banathy, & Olson, 2013).
Policy 2270 did not prohibit the presentation of all music, but was out to ensure that the music had no direct impact on the society or institution in question. In line with the diverse religious settings, that the different schools exhibit, it was within the rights of the district to ensure that the other religious parties feel accommodated in the dealings of the institution. The other religions have a right to be respected in whatever they do, and it should also augur well with the very parent who requested for the presentations to take place (Barnes, 2012). 
The fact that some presentations were prohibited yet are allowed in the curriculum should not be interpreted as being bias in any way. The school district has every right to stipulate rules that will ensure that all students learn the best religious concepts, in their respective classes. The presentations would mean that the whole school is directly involved and it would also affect the other religious settings. The school programs would also be affected since the presentations would have to affect the normal class schedules and hence the performance of the whole institution (Bailey, 2013).
The parents and some stakeholders may have felt offended since some schools had been given a go ahead in such a scenari...
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