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Texas Bill of Rights (Essay Sample)


A state cannot give less protection to its citizens than is allowed by the national government but it can give more; and that\'s exactly what the Texas Bill of Rights does. Do you know which additional rights are given to Texans that are not included in the U.S Constitution ?

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Additional protection Texans have, which is not included in the national constitution include: protection from imprisonment for debt and protection against outlawry, which involves putting a convicted person outside the protection of the law and banishment from the state. Another one is the prohibition of monopolies, which is not provided in the US constitution.
In order of importance in my opinion, Section one is most important. The freedom and sovereignty of the state can never be overlooked. Section two states that all political power is vested in the people. This affirms that the people of Texas have total control over their sovereign state. Section three is third important, since; all citizens possess equal rights and are all part of the state. Section 28 on the suspension of laws is fourth important. Only the legislature, mandated by the people, can suspend laws. Section 8 on freedom of speech and press guards the freedom of expression and opinionating. This protects against oppression. Section 19 protects against deprivation of life and liberties of citizens unless the due course of the law is adhered to. Section 22 on treason is important in underlining the graveness of the crime, which may break a state. Section 27 on the rights of assembly comes next. People should be allowed to meet and conduct their businesses but in the legal frameworks laid down. Section 17 guards the citizens by ensuring that the state compensates them incase their property is taken for public use. Such circumstances occur and it is important to compensate citizens. Section 31 is important since citizens should be compensated incase criminal activity results in damage of their property and items. This is because all citizens have a right to be protected by the state. Section 30 is 10th important. Crime victims have a right to be protected and respected until the legal proceedings to determine the conclusion of a case are completed.
The section 18 on imprisonment for debt does not adequately explain the circumstances surrounding how the debt is acquired. I would change it to allow for imprisonment of people for debt in circumstances where the debt may have been converted in some form from funds acquired fraudulently or under special circumstances, where the person is allowed to return or pay back the debt. In section 23 on the circumstances under which a citizen is allowed to to bear arms, I would change it to only for self defense. I would leave defense of the state for the Armed Forces. This is to decrease the loopholes that would allow for use of arms outside ethical bounds and get protection from the constitution. I would change section 32 on marriage. The constitution from the onset protects the religious rights of citizens and thoroughly discourages the use of religion in policy making. Some religions allow for polygamy like Islam. There exist Texans who are Muslims. I would modify the bill to allow for flexibility in marriage. I would modify section 14...
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