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Food Servcie Management (Essay Sample)

Essay on an article \'Call All Senses\' review as relates to the following book. \'Payne-Palacio, J. & Theis, M. (2011). Food Service Management Principles and Practices (12th ed.). New Jersey, USA: Pearson.\' source..
Calling All Senses Name: Course: Tutor: Institution: Date: Multisensory flavor perception is a new field that measures how our experience of flavor is shaped by our various senses. Taste and flavor are not interchangeable terms as many believe. Flavor constitutes the combined experience of taste and the other four senses while taste is merely one of the five senses. It is important to note that flavor is an action of the brain aimed at integrating an unlikely set of pathways into one unified experience of what we consume. According to Gordon a neuron gastronomist flavor is not in the food rather it comes from our brain. It is a sense that is so deeply embedded since it is a sense that is created by the brain. For years, the study of taste and flavor was focused on the tongue and this resulted in an erroneous diagram known as the ‘tongue map’. The diagram divided the tongue into various regions namely bitter, sweet, salty and sour tastes. The error was as a result of mistranslation of German data into English nevertheless, the thought of having a tongue map was so appealing to the imagination of the public. Recent research shows that the tongue map left out a crucial fifth taste “umami” which is Japanese for savory. Furthermore, no individual part of the tongue holds a monopoly on a particular taste since discrete taste receptors are distributed across the tongue and are such that they send particular tastes to the brain. These receptors go all the way down to the gut and lungs. According to Multisensory flavor perception a complete anatomical map of flavor should not be limited to the tongue it should include the eyes, hands, nose, ears and throat. The recent study of multisensory flavor perception shows that humans experience food not only with their tongues but with all their five senses. From this study it is evident that the aroma of what we eat, the color of the food or brightness of the room, weight of the utensils coupled with the sounds of what we eat are fundamental to the feeding experience. These attributes of food therefore help food marketers define their target market(s) and this becomes crucial as it forms a basis for the marketing cycle as can be derived from the figure below.  Figure 1: Represents the marketing cycle (Source: Payne-Palacio & Theis, 2011) In relation to the current article, it is evident that flavor indeed is a basic aspect in food marketing. For instance, from the market cycle, a food manager relies on both existing and potential customer’s preferences to and hence present what customers want and in the way they want it. These preferences are what are referred to in the article generally as flavor which has been shown to consist of various attributes. One such attribute; smell is discussed below. Our experience of eating food is dominated by smell. As we eat the throat and nose are important this is because in order to enjoy a meal we draw in aromas Shepherd tries to explain this he says that it’s only when we breathe out that we enjoy food/flavor. This is little understood but an explanation to this is; as we chew and swallow we exhale small amounts of air. This pushes the smell from our food up and outward from the throat and through back passages into our nose where there are sensory receptors ...
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