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Sports: Lopez Lomong And Achievements He Has Made In Athletics (Essay Sample)


The essay reveals the findings about Lopez Lomong. the sample traces Lomong and ACHIEVEMENTS he has made in athletics.


Lopez Lomong
Institutional Affiliation
Lopez Lomong
It has been a remarkable journey for the 27-year-old, a former lost child and a refugee from South Sudan. He fled the civil war in Sudan between the 1980s and 1990s. He narrated how one Sunday morning rebels broke into their village's church and forcefully took him away from his mother. All the kids were kidnapped and taken to a training camp so that they would serve as child soldiers. The conditions at the training camp were not favorable and sometimes they were fed a mix of sand and sorghum. The horrible conditions at the camp instigated his escape.
He described his first race as an escape from the training camp when the soldiers were busy smoking and laughed around them. Together with his friend, he ran for three days and nights thinking that he was heading home, only to end up in Kenya. From that point onwards, he was registered as a refugee and spent his next ten years in a camp. While running and playing football in Kenya, he started hearing some kids talk about Olympics (Hosea, 2012). First, he never knew what the Olympics were but went to wealthier Kenyan personality houses to watch it on TV. It's during the time that Lomong saw Michael Johnson shed tears after winning the race. He later came to realize those athletes were running for greater things than they were; they were running for their countries. He also had the dream of running for the U.S since Michael Johnson was his role model from that time onwards. His dreams came true when the country accepted to take 3500 Sudanese refugees as part of the government resettlement.

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