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Discussing Different Types Of Crisis, Risk Factors And The Need For Early Intervention (Essay Sample)




Crisis can be defined as an occurrence of unplanned and unexpected events which affect the normal life of a person. These unexpected events occur in ones without any notice and it’s difficult to get an effective way to deal with them (Cherry, 2017) The occurrence of these events can lead to severe problems and therefore should be addressed as soon as possible.
There are different types of crises. Economic changes, such as loss of employment, increase in medical bills or theft of important assets. This brings adverse changes in the normal life of a person and may cause stress. Job loss can cause serious problems and completely change the life, especially where it’s the only source of income (Cherry, 2017). The financial crisis is another type which occurs when someone is faced with difficult financial problems. This can be defined as a situation where one does not have sufficient funds to pay his/her bills and maintain previous living standards. This crisis can be due to a tough economy, which leads to poor business performance.
The situational or natural crisis is another type, which refers to the occurrence of events beyond the control of human being (Cherry, 2017). These events include earthquakes, droughts, accidents, and floods. The occurrence of an event like a flood, may render one homeless or lead to loss of belongings and this can seriously affect the way of living. Mostly accidents cause permanent disabilities which affect the entire life of the victim making one a depended on the goodwill of relatives and friends.
A developmental crisis occurs when a person is growing and developing through various stages of life. For example, the adolescent stage in teenagers can lead to low self-esteem and peer pressure. These stages can entirely change the normal life of an individual if the necessary corrective actions are not taken in good time. For instance, if influenced into using drugs, this can be a lifetime problem. An existential crisis occurs as result of a conflict with one’s inner self. This happens in cases where someone does not see any reason to be alive.
A person having crisis may show several signs both physical and emotional. Some of these signs are depression, anxiety, sudden mood changes, withdrawing from friends and family, uncontrollable anger, engaging in risky activities and struggling to live a normal day to day life. People with such problems may find it difficult to share stories with others and they usually prefer staying alone. There are also physical symptoms, which may be shown by a victim such as loss of appetite, headaches and making suicidal threats (“Signs and Symptoms”, n.d.).
Crisis intervention involves the employment of different methods to give urgent assistance to people who have been affected negatively by some life events. It can take one session or several weeks but the average period is estimated at four weeks. The period depends on one's response to the strategies being used to manage the situation. This reduces the emotional, physical and behavioral reactions to a particular crisis. This is very crucial as it gives the necessary support to an individual, hence preventing them from reacting negatively. If not assisted, one may suffer from serious risks which may lead to committing suicide (“Signs and Symptoms”, n.d.). Another importance of crisis management is to help an individual return to their previous way of living. Once a person is faced with a crisis, such as losing their loved ones, they can be emotionally affected leading to depression. Therefore, quick intervention helps in giving the victim hope of living by participating in other activities of life.
This prevents the individuals from indulging in dangerous activities, such as drug abuse. If there is no intervention then one may never see the importance of returning to their normal way of living and engage in risky activities (“Signs and Symptoms”, n.d.). This also helps victims recover fully from their crisis and also prevents long-term problems from occurring. The first stage of crisis management is aimed at establishing the patient's problem. This is achieved through encouraging the victim to open up about the problem and then discuss it with the right person in order to be assisted. This informs the necessary strategies that can help an individual recover from the crisis. Through intervention, one can be able to identify some strategies, which the individual used previously, and did not work, and therefore enhance the existing ones or come up with new skills.
Crisis intervention helps the affected individuals with a variety of coping skills, such as techniques on how to relax and also how to perform different exercises, which helps in reducing body tension and stress (“Signs and Symptoms”, n.d.). Through this, patients can learn how to spend their free time either through writing articles about their story to encourage ot...
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