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Economic Development. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


Just a quick note to say that, given the ongoing situation, there will be no planned sessions this week. As instructed by University management, we are looking to moving teaching to an
Please do take some time to consider the points included in today’s slides regarding the forthcoming assignment. In particular, here is a brief summary of what is expected:
The purpose of the report:
To link your study of structural urban economic changes to the real-life situation of a major city
To encourage creative thinking about policy and planning approaches
To provide you with a practical exercise similar to what you might encounter in professional practice
The brief
Write a briefing paper of up to 2,500 words on the following core question:
What are the strategic priorities for policy makers in your city if they are to generate strong and sustainable economic development over the next 20 years?
Things to consider
Reflect critically on the role of industry, services and creative sectors in the economy of contemporary cities – including the necessity of a vibrant manufacturing base
Put these debates in the context of your city’s particular characteristics
Draw upon previous discussion to make recommendations about strategic priorities for the city economy (sectors, mix of businesses, its role in international context)
Suggest some key types of policy and planning initiative that would help to pursue these priorities
Final reflection
Explain how your recommendations reflect thinking about genuinely sustainable economic progress (linking to our earlier discussion in this module)
General course materials
Lecture notes, class readings / notes, but also books, articles, websites highlighted during the module
City-specific information
Material about ‘your’ city’s economy; historical / demographic trends, strategic policies and planning, recent economic / development issues
Council sources, business and professional groups, academic / think-tanks, media coverage
Other points
Break it up
Use sections / sub-headings
Different / innovative ways of presenting information
Tables, boxes, bullet points
Use visuals where appropriate
Photographs, maps, sketches, diagrams
You can choose:
Birmingham or another large British city with a suitably diverse economy for this exercise
International cities are allowable but only if checked with me in advance; it is important that it is appropriate for this exercise and you can access sufficient contemporary information/data about the city
Please take a look at the following sources, too


Structural Urban Economic Changes
Institutional Affiliation:
Student’s Name:
Structural Urban Economic Changes
Role of Industry, Services, and Creative Sectors
Industries, services, and creative sectors are essential in the economic growth of modern cities, for instance, the city of Madrid. First, they have enabled the growth of science and technology. Industries, creative sectors, and services encourage the development of science and technology by allowing various organizations to conduct research and manufacture new goods and services (Michelini and Méndez, 2013). Furthermore, they enable multiple enterprises to research wastes and numerous byproducts. Activities undertaken by these industries and creative sectors have led to the development of atomic science and satellite communication. Second, they have led to capital formation. In recent years capital formation was the main problem in the economy of this city. When the operation of industries, creative sectors, and services leads to the generation of profit and revenues, these revenues and profits are reinvested for expansion and development in the city, leading to additional capital formation (Romero et al., 2014). 

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