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Identified Strengths in Positive Self-Introduction (Essay Sample)


I expect that this essay will represent your own personal attitudes, perceptions and interests as an individual. Thus, each of you will focus on different issues and aspects of the material that we have covered in class (and in your texts). However, I will present some guiding questions here so that you have a place to start. You do not need to answer all of these questions – you will not have space for it. You should consider them first, however, and decide what you wish to emphasize.
? If you were asked to describe the Third World now, as you were at the beginning of the semester, how would your descriptions be different, or similar? Why?
? How have your perceptions changed about what the “Third World” really is?
? What does it mean to be a “developing country,” based on what you have learned?
? How have your opinions changed, or remained the same, about the role of the United States in the affairs of LDCs?
? Who, or what, do you view as being “responsible” for the amount of hunger and “poverty” that exists on our planet?
? Are Third World countries and their peoples more interesting to you than they might have been prior to taking this course? Why or why not?
? What aspects about the geography of development have surprised you, or interested you, the most? Why?
? Are there “simple problems” in the Third World, and are they deserving of “simple solutions”?
? What does “development” mean to you, and why?
? Do you feel that you have a more thorough, or different, understanding of the way the world “works”? How so? Why or why not?
? Why is it important to understand historical and geographical circumstances about people and places before forming opinions about them?
1) Your essay must include some sort of introduction and conclusion. In both, you must clearly state your basic theme (or thesis statement), around which your paper will focus. NOTE: Intros and conclusions are often the most challenging parts of a paper. A conclusion should NOT merely repeat what you said in the text or what you stated in the introduction. Instead, the conclusion should be more reflective and thoughtful regarding the issues that you have covered, allowing you to sum up your thoughts along with the main theme or purpose of your paper.
2) Your paper should be between five and seven pages in length, not including references or other materials. Any essay that exceeds or falls short of this requirement will have points deducted.
3) Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, with 10 or 12-point font size. Margins should be no greater than one inch on sides, top, and bottom.
4) Use plenty of examples to illustrate your statements and opinions. These examples should come from two primary sources: a) in-class lectures and discussions, and b) your text book and reader.
5) Use information from at least two of your reading assignments. Be sure to cite any information that comes from your books. In the text of your paper, simply write: (Salter and Hobbs, p. 66). NOTE: lecture materials must be used, but you do not have to cite them.
6) DO NOT merely copy paragraphs from the text. The bulk of the paper should be written in your own words, with occasional, well-placed quotes to exemplify what you are saying. Also, DO NOT begin or end a paragraph with a quote.
7) Somehow, be sure to compare your current opinions and sentiments with those prior to taking this course.


Positive introduction- 493words
I always thought I was blessed and lucky. I grew up in Shenzhen and have a pair of kind parents. Usually, they restricted me only to the moral aspects, and supported me in everything I liked. I always got along well with my classmates. Whenever we had free time, we got together and had parties with different themes. For that I grew up in an environment where every day was a very happy day.
Of course, my life is not smooth sailing. Four and a half years ago, I came to Hong Kong to pursue a bachelor's degree in accounting, which was the greatest challenge of my life. I was a science student in high school. As a Frenchman, I was not good at the practical use of English. However, universities in Hong Kong use English for teaching. I therefore, needed to master the skills of using English as soon as possible to cope with the daily study tasks. Secondly, accounting has a lot of subjects in the liberal arts testing the ability to recite. For example, auditing requires memorization of a large number of principles, and business law requires memorization of a large number of articles and cases. However, I am not very good at reciting. So,I barely passed my first college midterm. This made me a little depressed. But I believed that this failure was only temporary, thus would have a way out of the dilemma! Thus I saw this setback as training for the purpose of making progress. I kept encouraging myself. Picture yourself feeling a sense of accomplishment after completing the challenge. I thought of the scene at the entrance interview. The interviewer, Professor Chen, asked me, "What are your future plans?" I replied, "I will study hard, get a bachelor's degree in accounting and continue my studies. Be a knowledgeable person." I've always been grateful that he accepted me 15 minutes after the interview. I think this would not only fulfill my dream of coming to study in Hong Kong, but also affirmed my learning ability. Therefore, I had to carry out my plan at that time. This was the best way for me to repay Professor Chen's appreciation.
People who think they have wisdom and are quick learners. The main reason for this failure is that I spent too little time on study. One step at a time leads to a thousand miles. I made a schedule for studying six hours a day. I did preview and review for every class. My command of English improved as I learned the lessons. So I gradually found a lot of ways to recite.
I studied according to the plan every day. Finally, I graduated and got a scholarship. Therefore, when I encounter setbacks in the future, I will think back to the time when I gathered courage to challenges. The experience gave me the confidence to solve all the problems. It is the treasure of my life.
Word count: 854
Identified Strengths in My Positive Self-Introduction
My major strengths include; excitement for learning, persistence, hope, zest, bravery, and gratitude. Love for learning is driven by my desire to learn new skills as well as acquiring new knowledge. Bravery is the art of facing situations and challenges as they come. I am also able to face difficulties through the course. I was persistent despite of having a hard time adapting to Hong Kong. Zest was one of the strong characters as I was always happy, hence was able to face life with excitement. Gratitude has been my way of reciprocity for the good things others have imparted in my life. I was always grateful to the professor. Finally, was hopeful due to optimism imparted on me since I was a child. I was hopeful for good thing ahead. Therefore, in general I was able to improve my problem solving ability. This was mainly influenced by my great strength of being resilient, high adaptability to changed environment, fast learning, adherence to professional principles due to having strong communication and interpersonal skills which helped me in relating with my peers, and aggressiveness to work (Magyar‐Moe, & Lopez, 2015).
Overall it is evident that I have been influenced by the happiness model a lot in my life. Sustainable happiness model suggests that thoughts and action are driven by and thus people chose to engage as well as assess the direction of their engagements. My strengths have highly been cultivated by the positive emotions as well as focus and attention to positive things in life thus being hopeful.
The First Time I Identified These Strengths in Myself
The First Time I Identified These Strengths in Myself is while I was taking the course. Positive Psychology is a relatively new Psychology course and has thus been seen to help people realize themselves. As for me, the course was an eye opener. I was able to identify the strengths as well as ways I would make use of them to improve myself. Little did I know that my strengths had been shaped by my environment and I had grown to hold to them as ways of dealing with challenges? Hofmann (2011) argues that character is built and people do not realise how they have grown to be strong unless they are assisted in self-realisation. Therefore, through the course I realised most of the values instilled in me. Basically, none of the values were self-driven, I was gain them without my knowledge and they would make me the person I am.
According to the positive emotion theory, individuals chose to be happy and thus chose their direction of positive thinking (Magyar-Moe, 2009). I have highly been driven by emotions as well as need for gratitude expression which helped in identification of my strengths as well as be aggressive in life.
Ways I Have Used These Strengths in the Past
The hope theory alleges that hope reflects ones perceptions and attitude towards ones capability (Magyar-Moe, 2009). Therefore, due to my strong feel that I can be able to learnt, do good, as well as be able to adapt in div

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