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The Role of the Construction Industry in the Economic Growth (Essay Sample)


Assessment Brief:
Evaluate the role of construction as a principal driver of a country’s economic development and present your findings in a research paper of 2,000 words in total.
Your paper should provide significant evidence of research through reference to published sources, demonstrating analysis/critical appraisal of your findings. This should be professionally presented, incorporating illustrations and referenced examples where appropriate.
(100 Marks)


The Role of the Construction industry in the Economic Growth
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The Role of the Construction industry in the Economic Growth
The significance of the construction industry to national economies has been analyzed for some time. This research aimed to examine the association between construction production and national GDP as well as the composition of the construction industry and economic development. The construction industry plays a vital part in national socioeconomic development due to its involvement in the economy and its importance in meeting the requirements of citizens in terms of housing, infrastructure, and employment. The construction industry's continued expansion is crucial to the health of the American economy. Information on construction's economic value and its Role in the overall economy of a country is necessary for a thorough understanding of its function and ability to fulfill this role. This essay aims at learning more about the link between the construction industry and the overall economy and the potential role that government could play in encouraging construction projects that contribute to economic expansion.
Influencing Factors for Construction Development
As industrialization spreads to low-income regions, more commercial and residential structures and infrastructure development are needed, leading to a higher GDP devoted to the building industry. Having peaked in middle-income nations, it gradually decreases in high-income nations because of improved infrastructure and less acute housing shortages. A country's capacity to make good use of its internal resources limits the rate at which it may grow. Development relies heavily on the construction industry since it carries out the country's investment plan; This helps provide light on why the government has been so focused on building efficiency, necessitating several assessments like the Latham and Egan studies.
Higher levels of investment are often a sign of progress since they are necessary for the sort of industrialization that comes with progress. Most of these funds are used for capital creation, which is generated by the building and infrastructure sectors of the construction industry. An increase in a population usually results in a corresponding increase in building activity. When the economy is doing well and the national income rises, more money is available for long-term investments like infrastructure and housing. The ability to save more money allows countries with higher incomes to invest more than those with lower incomes. Investment, construction output, and GDP all rise with rising national income. This web of interconnections demonstrates the significance of building to economic growth, which provides further evidence for

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