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Vedic Mathematics: Investigating Its Efficiency and Exploring Its Applications (Essay Sample)


to investigate the efficiency and the applications of Vedic Mathematics


Vedic Mathematics: Investigating Its Efficiency and Exploring Its Applications.
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Vedic Mathematics: Investigating Its Efficiency and Exploring Its Applications.
Vedic mathematics is a mathematics method that is defined precisely as a unique method of calculations that are based on a number of simple principles and rules which are utilized to solve a myriad of mathematical problems be it trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. The Vedic mathematics system is based on sixteen simple rules, typically referred to as the 16 Vedic sutras or aphorisms, which loosely describe various natural ways of solving a broad range of mathematical problems (Agarwal & Sen, 2014). A scholar of mathematics, history, and Sanskrit revived the Vedic mathematics system from ancient Indian scriptures. The scholar, Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, extensively studied the ancient Indian scriptures eventually coming up with the mathematical formulae, known as sutras that form the basis of the Vedic mathematical system.
The simplicity of Vedic mathematics has made it a much more efficient form of learning mathematics as compared to other conventional strategies. In Vedic mathematics, it is easier to memo...
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