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The Animal Manatee (Essay Sample)




Manatee is a marine herbivorous mammal also known as sea cow. They are large fully aquatic is believed that this mammals known as manatee were evolved from for legged land mammal over 60 million years ago with closest living relative being the proboscides (elephant's)and hyracoidean (hyraxes ).by scientists
The Amazonia manatee has a grey brownish hair color and thick wrinkled skin with hair course is whiskers. The scientists do not much about them because their photos are rare to get. They have a mass of 400 to 550 kilogram (880 to 1,2101b) and a length of 2.8 to 300 metres (9.2 to 9.8at) the female manatee tend to be larger heavier. The female manatee has an average of 30 kilogram. When they need to eat they use their lib to put food into their mouth and they also used it for social interaction and communication.
Manatee at any giving time has no more than six teeth in each jaw of its mouth. Their tails are paddle- shaped and the dugong has fluked similar in shape to that of a whale. Amongst the mammals, the manatee possesses just six cervical vertebrae. They produce enormous mammal's gas, which helps in contributing to their barrel-shaped, to oval in their digestion of their food. They are the only animal that is known to have vascularized corneal.
They spent half a day in water and sleeping and surfacing for air regularly at no greater than 20 minutes. The rest of the4 time, they spent in grazing in shallow water and depts. Of 1 to 2 meters (3.3 to 6.6 meters .they swim about 5 to 8 metres per hour (3to 5mbh) also known to swim up to 30 kilometres per hour (20 mph) in short bursts. They are capable in understanding discrimination tasks and shows signs of complex associated in learning and long term allowed memory. They breed once every two years, their gestation last about 12 months and 12-18 further months to wean the calf. At a time only one or a single calf is born and these manatees are solitary creatures
The West Indian manatees enjoy warmer waters and known to congratulate in shallow waters and are known to congregate in shallow water and migrate through blackish water estuaries to freshwater springs. They have a natural force of warmth during water which is warm spring fed rivers. They cannot survive below 150C (600F). They are found in the coastal state of Georgia because of the low metabolic rate does not protect them in cold water.
The west African manatees are found in the coastal marine and estuarine habitats and in fresh water river system. Along the west coast of Africa from the Senegal river south to the kwanza river in Angola, Gambia Liberia and many other countries.
They live as far upriver on the Niger River Gao, Mali. They communicate using a wide range of sounds that they emit. The calves communicate to maintain contact and during the time to know each in sex and play behavior. They even raise the taste, smell, sight, sound and touch in communication. They are herbivorous and they eat over 60 different plant species such as mangrove leaves , turtle, grass and types of algae with their divided upper lip on adult manatee can eat up to 10percent of its body weight (about 50kg) per day. They have been known to eat small amounts of fish from the nets.
In July 21, 1948 smoothly the oldest manatee was born at the Miami seaquarium and in 1994 he came to South Florida I Bradenton. I Tier park in Berlin , the Nuremberg zoo in zoo arc de Beau Val in France and in the Aquarium of Genoa in Italy the number of European zoos are viewed. The n...
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