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Bad Behavior Leads To Bad Things: Disappointments And Suffering (Essay Sample)


It is about psychology

There are some behaviors that are necessary for me to change include a good lifestyle and better health. I need to learn how to balance life and not being too hard on myself wham doing something. For instance, I struggle day in day out in order for me to pass my exam but at the end what I get is just a fail. This discourages me a lot. I also need to manage my time well since it is a very important aspect of life. If I manage to change these habits, I will have a healthier lifestyle. This will relieve the stress in me. Some of the good behaviors that I displayed in my real life included responsibility, independence and hard work. Responsibility made me take care of my younger brothers at home. It has also made me able to help my parents in cooking. Some of the bad behaviors that is showed included bad tempers, resistance and poor listening. Good behaviors eases life since the good behaviors have changed and become habits. The habits have been able to remain in me for a long time. Bad behaviors led to bad things for example disappointments and increase in suffering. Some of the right decisions that I can make in my life now that I hope will continue to lead me to positive outcomes are the choices that have an effect on my emotional well-being, family and health. Maintaining a good health and a positive emotional well-being is very important in the life of every individual. Good health is achieved through such things as having regular exercises and frequents check-ups. Avoiding stress also helps in promoting good health in an individual. Another important element to consider is my emotional well-being. This can be maintained by avoiding stress for example getting organized at work relieves an individual some level of stress which is good for good health. One part of the development that might remain unchanged as I move into and through adulthood is the shape of the bones in my body. This is maintained since you are done developing. Nature plays an important role in the early stages of a person’s development for example it is responsible for producing healthy and well-developed children. Early human development is faster and more focused because of the nurture as it develops up on the talents which are provided by the nature. Only nature is responsible for the development of the fetus into a healthy baby but it cannot be possible to develop it into an intelligent adult. This is only achieved through the exposure that nurture gives an individual. Despite the fact that nature has some level of influences, nurture strongly influences an early human development. There are several reasons that make people decide not to raise children throughout their lifetime. Parenthood was not meant for all the people. Raising children requires a lot of parental care and this requires a lot of resources for example money, food, shelter and also education. All these requires money in order to be successful. Parents need finances for such emergencies as medication for their kids. Making the right decisions is very good in the society where we live in. Making the right choices helps people manage pressure in the society. People should not have children in a very irresponsible manner because when this occurs children will suffer a lot at the end. I will just inform her that there is nothing wrong with him feeling unhappy since it clearly indicates that he cares and wants to protect their marriage. I will advise them to settle down and have time on the issue. I will encourage her to keenly observe her behaviors with the male co-worker in order to see what exactly causes him to feel the way he feels. She also needs to express how she feels because of his acts. What I need most in my life is financial security and stability. This reason will always make me to look for better jobs in an organization. Working in the same job will lead to work monotony and can make me feel stagnated. An individual should always be happy and satisfied in the workplace. I need to have my goals and ambitions in order for me to keep struggling at work. Achieving my financial goals and objectives will help build my career. In order for me to create a healthy and successful marriage, I need to show a lot of patience, tolerance, love, care and forgiveness. Patience will enable me to wait for things to happen at the right time without any hurry. Forgiveness will make me forget all that is not good for marriage. I will always learn to I love you to my wife without expecting it back. I can also decide to gift the person I love without expecting anything in return. When I was entering to young adulthood, I had my daughter and this is not the right age for a person to have children because you are learning and at the same time you have not planned yourself well. Some people at this time depend on their parents for almost everything for example food and other essentials. I don’t regret having her but I wish that she had not undergone through some kind of suffering that I saw her go through. A good age to give birth to a child is when you are turning 28 and at this time you have something to give to your kid. Individuals should be able to make their decisions right in order to avoid such stress. Over the recent past, I have been suffering from anxiety and this has stressed me a lot. Some of the factors that may be causing such situation include such things as failure to complete the tasks in time, financial problems and also health problems. In order to avoid such stress I to take deep breaths, change my attitude on the issue to a positive way and also doing some exercises. Adaptive stress responses involve the measures taken to solve the problems and the emotional discomfort that is appropriate to defense of self-mechanism. Maladaptive responses include such things as anxiety, fear and also failures and these can make me perform poorly since my focus is only on issues. Many individuals who have a hard time in midlife gets to the crisis mode because of several external factors. Stress in an individual makes it hard for him or her to move on to the next level or stage. Other factors that may make the transition difficult includes such things as the loss of a loved one. Physical changes which are associated with aging explains such experiences as Ego Development Outcomes vs Self-absorption. The physical changes which are associated with the aging explains some of the related experiences. Divorce rate has fallen for most of the people who are above 20 20 and below 30 years. Survey also shows that divorce rate has increased for people who are between 50 and 60 years of age. The focus has been extended among young adjusting the society. The midlife’s face a lot of stress because of stress which ...
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