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Biography of Sigmund Freud Summary (Essay Sample)


Biography of Sigmund Freud


Biography of Sigmund Freud
Biography of Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud was born in the Czech Republic on May 6, 1856, and grew up in Vienna. While studying at a medical school, he met Ernst Brucke, who supported his ideals of reductionism, which he later abandoned. He later moved to England and advanced his psychoanalytic movement creating what is known today as Freud's Theory (Kenny, 2019).
Freud's theory was focused on expanding the previously known aspects of the conscious and the unconscious mind in human behavior. His study revealed that people are constantly resisting becoming conscious, humans of the motives but are usually available to us through a disguised form. He explained his thought of humans with three sets of egos. They are referred to as the Id, Ego, and 'Superego. First, he described 'Id' as the instincts or drives of an individual's behavior. These situations are referred to as wishes. Second, the 'Ego' is the part that acts on reality through consciousness and constantly in search of objects that satisfy the 'Id' And finally, there is the 'Superego' which is a combination of 'Id' and 'Ego' Those concepts care described as conscience and ego ideal. Conscience is the internalization of warning and punishment while ego-ideal the reward (Patel, 2013; Kenny, 2019).
Freud's principles were very controversial and distinctive in the quest to understand human behavior. His contribution t psychoanalysis has stood the test of time, and these aspects are still applicable today (Patel, 2013). Psychoanalytic and clinical investigations have proven that a combination of psychoanalysis aspects and cognitive science is used to understand human behavior. Newer research from other psychologists discussed further the laid-out propositional form of the general theory of psychopathology, which was similar to what Freud had proposed (Kenny, 2019).
In conclusion, Feud’s impact on psychology cannot be overlooked leading, to psychologists referring to him as the father of psychology. His contribution towards the aspects of human behavior and attitudes led to more understanding of why people behave the way they do and wha

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