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Freud's Concept of Narcissism and Mourning (Essay Sample)


Subject: Psychology
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 4
Formatting style: APA
Write a concise 2-page expository essay that answers the following questions.
• How does Freud understand the concept of “narcissism”?
• How does Freud understand the concept of “mourning”?
Please double-space, and type using size-12, Times New Roman font. Please avoid using direct quotations, unless they are short and cited correctly.


Freud's Concept of Narcissism and Mourning
Freud's Concept of Narcissism and Mourning
The term narcissism is defined as the value of adoration that people accord themselves with being tools of sexual desire. Freud, a Greek mythologist, postulated narcissism as a factor that causes people to have affection towards a specific object. The word narcissism emanated from Greek mythology, where the junior Narcissus became affectionate (fell in love) to his image, which was reflected in a pool of water (Sandler, Person, and Fonagy, 2018).   Narcissism is often considered a cultural or social problem.
Self-love and Sex-drive
In his narcissistic work, Freud speculated that different forces drive people. First, people are driven by the need to self-preserve. Secondly, people are guided by the need to procreate (sex drive). Both Self-love and Sex-drive are usually the same at a tender age, and no apparent difference can be noted between the two. In essence, the more libido 

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