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The Impact of Cultural Beliefs Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


the task was to explain the impact cultural beliefs has on multicultural counseling and how different cultural beliefs influence treatment interventions.


The Impact of Cultural Beliefs
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The Impact of Cultural Beliefs
Multicultural counseling is associated with multiple consequences resulting from diverse cultural beliefs. Racial oppression is always encountered in most instances of multicultural counseling. Cultures which are considered the minority group like African-Americans are frequently oppressed in instances they get into contact with counselors from the majority groups specifically the whites (Sumari, Melati, & Jalal, 2008). Physical aggression has also impacted on several occasions of multicultural counseling as either the client doesn’t concur with the counselors views in relation to their cultural beliefs, or the client is subjecting an issue that vitally affects the cultural beliefs of the counselor especially on rehabilitation grounds (Wong-Hernandez, 2002).
Different cultural groups have their own perceptions, outlooks and ethics to the employed treatment interventions. Un...
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