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Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations Volume Four (Essay Sample)


Identifying the stages of child development and the necessary help they need to learn how to speak. It requires to write teh activities that can support the learning to speak for teh child in various years in which it monitors the developemnt of the child. It involves learning the various development stages of teh children from birth to 3 years


Child Development class (curriculum theories class)
Student’s Name
Evaluating State Standards
The chosen volume is the infant/toddler learning and development foundations volume four. The volume consists of various essential information focusing on learning and development foundations (California Department of Education, 2009). The volume further focuses on the state standards for California infant or toddler learning and development, which involves raising the learning standards of growing infants. The volume further explains how the state of California strengthens young children's learning and development through the high-quality education that can be offered in various classrooms in the state (California Department of Education, 2009). This is connected with the state's intention to induce and provide the needed resources to foster children's learning in multiple schools. This is further supported by the appropriate nurturing of the infants so that they can grow with effective education background that can help in the learning process effectively. Besides, the volume covers the necessary support from the home environment and the learning institution environment to enhance the high-quality early care and education program for young

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