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Psychoanalytic Therapy Essay. Psychology Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Please follow all instructionn and read it carefully nstructions for final paper: Paper is worth 20pts; please see rubric; grammar is 5 points You will write a three-page paper based on one of the following videos The paper must be 12 font; times new roman; double spaced with a 100-word abstract following APA guidelines You must use three outside references and create a reference list You will be answering the following questions: You will choose one of the following therapy styles Describe the therapy treatment Describe the history of the therapy/theory What type of patient is successful with this therapy? What are the benefits of this therapy? What are the concerns with this therapy? Who is the ideal candidate for this therapy? How long and frequent is treatment based on this therapy? What is the current research of this therapy? Psychoanalysis


Psychoanalytic Therapy
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Due to the complex diseases and conditions that affect the way the brain works, people go to the healthcare institutions with the hope of finding solutions to some of the problems that they face. Apart from the medical treatment using the medicine, other treatment approaches have been determined to help resolve some of the complex conditions that medications alone cannot alleviate. Scientists and mental health experts have come up with various treatment methods aimed at helping mentally ill patients as well as those who are unable to access their memories due to trauma in childhood to improve their mental health status by improving the way the brain performs. One such, method is psychoanalytic therapy. Based on the information retrieved from secondary sources, this study seeks to determine psychoanalytic therapy in detail by examining its benefits, concerns, the most ideal candidates, and the frequency of administering this kind of therapy.

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