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The Self (Essay Sample)


The essay is based on a discussion of the self. This involved the analysis of various chapters and key takeaways in self-concept, understanding individualism and collectivism, their influence on the self, and factors that help form the self. The analysis of the work revolved understnding the concept through intricate understanding of defining concepts in human beings.


Helpful Tips to Enjoy Quarantine Period
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Helpful Tips to Enjoy the Quarantine Period
According to World Health Organization (2021), quarantine is a period issued to help an individual exposed to contagious disease restrict their movements to prevent the further spreading of the disease. This strategy has been successfully implemented by medical practitioners recently during the Covid pandemic to reduce the spread of the virus. This initiative offers these professionals an excellent chance to create better preventive measures and vaccines to safeguard individuals from infectious diseases. Although the success of quarantine implementation has been immense in recent history, there are severe and adverse psychological effects that they impose on medical professionals, quarantined individuals, and their families (World Health Organization 2021). The numerous effects range from stress, fear of diseases, boredom, loneliness, and isolation. Other factors, such as stigma, are associated with the development of mental problems in other cases. Therefore, it is instrumental that there are other factors that those in the quarantine may engage in to help curb the development of these effects. The essence of this essay is to offer details on how to enjoy the quarantine period through helpful tips.
One factor that would help make the quarantine period enjoyable is the use of technology. Technology development has created numerous devices that may help individuals interact, avoid boredom and conduct their daily operations. Quarantined individuals may utilize communication technologies such as social media through mobile phones, laptops, or other devices. This would be instrumental in ensuring they communicate with the outside world and reduce loneliness and boredom. Other devices, such as video game consoles, would provide essential entertainment through playing video games and interacting with other players online. Feng & Tong (2022) argued that contemporary technology enhances activeness in individuals, which is a critical factor in enjoying their stay at home. The growth of technology has led to virtual worlds such as Meta Universe that offer interaction avenues that would be essential for quarantined individuals.
Another exciting way to spend time in quarantine is through exercising and meditation. These activities are essential for the body and mind by offering physical exercise and relaxation. Incorporating these factors into daily quarantined life would be instrumental in reducing depression and anxiety, which are some of the dangers of quarantine. Regular exercise and meditation are essential based on several advantages, such as physical health improvement, better sleeping patterns, and alleviating mood (Schwartz et al. 2021). Families would undertake mediation or work out together as a fun, motivating factor and a coping method for quarantine.
According to World Health Organization (2021), learning a new skill is essential in helping individuals cope with quarantine situations. The use of technology has led to a variety of libraries that include tutors who help people learn new skills. Individuals would read books or watch YouTube tutorials as part of their learning process for du activities such as bakery. Through Amazon, magazines, and newspapers, peop

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