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Religion & Theology
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An Analysis of the Evolution Theory (Essay Sample)

THIS PAPER IS MORE LIKE A ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY. wHEREIN, IT COMPARES BOTH THE creationism and evolution theory. moreover, it mentions that the later is a theory as it is backed up by evidences whereas fthe former is more of a belief. The notion as to why it is a belief is that it cannot be tested for any traces of potential proof that it is reliable. source..
An Analysis of the Evolution Theory Ever wondered how human beings were created? Based on religion, they said that God designed the world in seven days- man in the sixth day particularly. However, Scientists have different notions on how men was formed in general. For instance, Anaximander of Miletus said that babies may have been a descendants of some type of creature where they can survive without the aid of any other form of organism. His conclusion was that they were from fish as once they are hatched, they can now go on with their lives without intervention from their parents; so, life begins at sea he says. Although he is correct, his ideology cannot be considered as a theory as it cannot be tested whether it is right or wrong. From then, many tried to define where humans came from but it was not until Charles Darwin that give life to the Evolution Theory when he published it in his book. The Theory of Evolution give rise to the phenomenon called Natural Selection where it states that organisms produces offspring that can thrive in their own environment and afterwards, they grow and mature and reproduce too (National Geographic Society, 2022). Given that Darwin’s proposal is a Theory, it means that it can be verified through a series of observation. With that, it can be expected that what he states in his book is nothing but the truth and it is backed up by Science. Wherein, it is from a systematic process of understanding different phenomenon in the subject. In fact, there are five evidences that support this proposition; ancient organism remains, fossil layers, similarities in both the organisms alive as well as their genetic component known as DNA and embryos (New England Complex Systems Institute, 2022). On top of that, Darwin did not know that DNA would become a way to categorize species. For example, organisms that seems to be similar in their comparative anatomy were tested to see their commonalities. The higher the percentage in their genes, the more similar they are (Peek Skilled, 2022). On the contrary, Creationism or the idea that men were from God is more of a religious belief as it cannot be backed up by evidence nor be tested. The notion behind is that it involves an extraordinary being where the populace cannot even grasp on how to study it. In simpler term it is more like invisible to the naked eye so it is hard to determine the origin nor if it even existed (Ruse, 2018). In conclusion, the Evolution Theory provides a more in depth thought on how humans were created or how they existed in the universe. Nevertheless, Scientists did not di...
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