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Are There Any Moral Absolutes? (Essay Sample)

Topic: Are There Any Moral Absolutes" The essay should be two pages long (275 words per page) + title page and reference page. All the formatting instructions are explained in our Writing Guide (here). Please be attentive and follow all guidelines, as our editor will check your essay with reference to these instructions. Please read the requirements below for the sample essay: 1. Follow the correct format: a. 1 inch margins on all sides b. Times New Roman or Arial, font 12 c. Double spaced d. APA citation style (pay attention to accurate referencing!). 2. In order to make your paper logical in its flow, we recommend you choose a ‘5-paragraph essay‘ structure for your sample paper. This is the most common and easily understood structure for a short essay. In a 5-paragraphessay, each paragraph has its purpose: a. 1st - introductory paragraph. This should contain a thesis sentence, which is the main idea your paper will defend or discuss. b. 2nd, 3rd and 4th - body paragraphs. Each paragraph should represent a specific idea or thought that is important for your essay, and should contribute to supporting the key argument of your essay. c. 5th paragraph - conclusion. This last paragraph should not contain new ideas. It should only summarize the ideas you have already laid out in your paper and logically conclude the entire writing. 3. What to avoid in your writing: a. Run-on sentences - a type of sentence in which 2 or more independent ideas are not separated by comas or full stops. Such sentences are incomprehensible and are generally considered a mistake typical of an inferior writing style. b. Too short or too large paragraphs - each paragraph should not be less than 3 lines and should not exceed your other paragraphs. The amount of writing required to support your ideas should be more or less equal. The paragraphs should also not be too short, since they all have to contain their own introductory sentence, body and concluding sentence. c. Long citations - cite original sources only when it is really needed. Avoid useless citations intended merely to add to the word count. Also, be sure to correctly format your citations according to the required citation style. Remember to use specific format requirements for large citations (check the relevant citation style guide for more details). d. Confused thoughts and ideas - it is important that your writing is easily understood and ‘user-friendly‘. Whatever the topic of your writing, it should be easy to read. Avoid complexity and, instead, simplify your thoughts. 4. Timely delivery. Make sure you upload your paper on time. If you fail to do so, your paper may not be accepted. 5. Proofread your writing after completion. 6. Do not copy-paste. Plagiarized papers will be turned down immediately. An essay should contain your ideas or your research. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately whenever you outsource your information. source..
Are there Any Moral Absolutes? Name Institution Are There Any Moral Absolutes? Whether you are discussing religion, politics or just behavior in general, it won’t be long until the topic of right and wrong are brought up. Telling someone or a group of people that they can’t do something because it is morally wrong implies that there is some sort of universal standard, or a moral absolute. It is becoming quite popular in recent years for people to suggest that there actually aren’t any moral absolutes and that people’s definition of what is right and what is wrong is generally just their option, which is formed by society and other factors. While this may sound nice in theory, it really doesn’t stand up to scrutiny very well. In order to prove that there are moral absolutes, one need only find one example of something that is morally wrong in every instance no matter what. The easiest way to do this is to look at extreme examples such as the fact that it is always morally wrong to torture innocent children just for fun. Even if there is someone who is a sociopath and wants to do this type of thing, they should not be permitted to in any case because it is a moral absolute that it is wrong (Accetti, 2015). Looking at it from the opposite side, those who believe there are no moral absolutes must concede that the torture of innocent children for fun is not morally wrong, just something they don’t like and don’t want permitted. When opponents of the idea of moral absolutes debate this point they often say that moral absolutes don’t exist because people from different times or cultures would have a different list of moral absolutes. Most people in Western society today, for example, would say that slavery is wrong in every case. Those who lived in the same area just a couple hundred years ago, however, would not agree. If anything, however, this proves that there are moral absolutes. When we criticize slave owners of the past we don’t say that they simply had an incorrect opinion. We say that what they did was wrong. Even if they are not held completely culpable because of the common beliefs of the time, they were still acting immorally (Kellenberger, 2008). One of the most popular arguments for moral absolutes would be to ask whether it is morally wrong to believe that there are moral absolutes, and make laws to enforce them. If someone says that it is wrong, then they have just shown that there is at least one moral...
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