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A Comparison Between Buddhism & Hinduism Theology (Essay Sample)


A Comparison Between Buddhism & Hinduism


Buddhism versus Hinduism:
Compare Hinduism with Buddhism regarding these three questions:
Hinduism and Buddhism share a lot of characteristics but also contrast with many features. There are shared features when it comes to their doctrines as pertains to ethics and moralities but differ in relation to their faith. This paper seeks to highlight some of the differences that exist between the two religions.
What is their image of God?
The teaching of the Gautama Buddha rejects or opposes the existence of a creator god or a sovereign God that control all things. The Buddhist believes that to attain wisdom, one has to study nature. Spiritual teachings are only meant to enable the person overcome suffering or dukkha. In Buddhism, there is no god (Jiang, 2004). 
In Hindu religion, the followers believe that there is one true, absolute godhead known as the Brahman. This God is perceived to have both personal ad impersonal qualities. This god is assumed to be the source spirit of all the other gods that they worship. This Brahman Is neither male nor female, but the other gods have genders according to what they stand for (Gellner & Weber, 2001).
Do they believe God punishes People?
In the Hindu religion the rules of conduct, are guided by the karma, yamas, niyamas and dharma. All crimes considered as a sin, merit punishment on earth and in the life to come. Punishment in the life after may be evaded through repentance but retribution in this life for crimes committed is compulsory. On the other hand, since the Buddhist do not believe in the existence of a god, their moral code is enshrined in the Ten Precepts. It contains ten laws, five of which are universal, but the other five are limited only to the monks (Gellner & Weber, 2001).
What do they believe is the main purpose of human life?
According to Hinduism, the essence or main purpose of life is branched into four elements. Every follower of the religion strives to achieve Moksha, Artha, Dharma and Kama. The primary target for a Hindu faithful is to lead a life that is virtuous, righteous and thus act morally and ethically throughout one’s life.
The Buddhist believes that the human being comprises of five elements. These are; vedana that are feelings, vijnana that is consciousness, the skanda namely that of the body called rupa, perception that is jamjna, instinct that is samkharas. The Buddhist disregards the existence of a soul. In addition to these human elements, Buddhism believes that a human being should strive to develop the concept of wisdom, meditative mind and morality. This should then be inculcated into their social life (Jiang, 2004). 
In my opinion, the two religions are entirely different. Buddhism is simply described as spirituality as compared to a religion. This is essentially becaus...
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