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Examining Islam: Allah, Immortality, and Slavery (Essay Sample)


an excerpt is provided and one should answer questions upon reading it. from the excerpt, one should tell the concept of allah, immorality and what the quran requires the rich to do with the slaves. the excerpt is a quran reading based on islam where the answers to the questions are available hence one should read and understand it.


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Examining Islam
The Quran excerpt praises Allah by acknowledging him as the most powerful and the lord of all the lords. The excerpt describes Allah as omnipresent by stating that he is everywhere. Even if one turns their face, they still see him. In addition, Allah is described as full of mercy and is eternal, and was not created by anyone nor born. Similarly, the Quran addresses Jesus as the son of God who, through the word of God, was conceived and born by Mary. He is also referred to as the son of Mary and

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