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First Born (Essay Sample)


Biblical significance related to the concept of the word “firstborn”


First born
Biblical significance related to the concept of the word “firstborn” has over time gained a metaphorical sense become to refer to a very special state of firstborn as the heir and the preeminent son. In the New Testament, Jesus is shown as the “new Israel,” the culmination and fulfillment of the promises of God to bless all nations of the world through the son of Abraham in ( HYPERLINK "/search/?t=esv&q=ga+3:7" Galatians 3:7). Jesus fulfilled his intended role on Israel as the firstborn son of God in his perfect life and death.
When referring to Jesus as the dead’s firstborn, John draws words and imagery from the book of  HYPERLINK "/search/?t=esv&q=ps+89:1" Psalms 89:1 which celebrates the kingship of David and his line. Calling Jesus as the firstborn reveals him to be the heir of David.
For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed as to be the image of the Son, so that he can be the firstborn amongst the many brothers. ( HYPERLINK "/search/?t=esv&q=ro+8:29" Romans 8:29)
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