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Religion & Theology
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Religion-Christian's Personal Experiences Religion Essay (Essay Sample)


One way that many scholars “do” theology is to look at the synthesis of scripture, tradition, reasoned thinking, and personal experience within the religion. Choose one of the following religions and discuss how personal experience impacts their religious beliefs. Minimum word count – 250 words (include the number in your answer). Cite direct evidence from the text and one other source.


Christian’s Personal Experiences
A personal experience is an intense, heartfelt awareness of manifestation of a concept transforming external or internal events to form an empirical unity (Gorman). On a Christian perspective, personal experiences are embedded with faith which adds the concept of the role of Jesus or God in the experience. Such an experience can justify their belief in Jesus due to a preexisting desire to believe and may reinforce their conduct as Christians.
Personal experience of the Christian faith can take various forms. For example, a Christian who is narrowly saved from death in a car crash or another event that goes against the odds is likely to have his faith reinforce. Such events make people reaffirm their faith in Jesus and believe that he is protecting them at all times.

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