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Religion Theology and Temptation Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you must compose a 600-word paper that addresses theological knowledge, which can be applied to your understanding of what it means to be a Christian.
NOTE: You must choose a topic from the list of approved topics from the Application Paper Topics document.
As you respond to the prompt, reflect on how theological truths can best be applied to your current sphere of influence. Using the textbook, Theology Applied: A Living Faith as an example, you are to interact with a theological topic by providing the theological definition, the biblical foundation, and the practical application of the doctrine.
All of the following requirements must be met:
1. Demonstrate ownership of the ideas that you present by providing your unique insight as evidence of your careful consideration of the topic you choose.
2. Provide a logical link between the description of the concepts from the course and the conclusions or implications that you draw in your reflection. In other words, your conclusion must be logically derived from the application of the theological concept to your life.
3. Focus on depth of understanding, rather than breadth of coverage. That is, focus on examining your theological knowledge and understanding of being a Christian as it relates to one area, rather than trying to cover multiple aspects.
4. Include an introduction paragraph complete with a thesis statement.
5. Include a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the points you have made.
6. Include descriptive headings for Parts 1, 2, and 3.
Part 1
Provide a theological definition from a theological reference book. Explain the doctrine by using and interacting with a theological definition from an outside source (a source that is not used in this course).
Part 2
Explain the biblical foundation of the chosen theological term. Demonstrate where this particular theological concept is found within Scripture and trace the concept throughout the Bible. Include at least 2 biblical references in this section.
Part 3
Apply the theological term to your life and sphere of influence. Explain how the truth of the theological term influences how you live your daily life and how the truth of the theological term can best be lived out in your daily life.
Format your paper in a Microsoft Word document using current APA, MLA, or Turabian style (whichever corresponds to your degree program). Review the Application Paper Grading Rubric to see the specific grading criteria by which you will be evaluated before submitting your paper.
Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2.


In this world, temptations originate from many sources, such as relationship troubles, business misunderstandings, and conflicts of interests among others. As a result, one is always required to apply wisdom gained from spiritual teachings and the Word of God to withstand all temptations. It is easy to succumb to trials, but Christians should always remain alert to escape them at all costs. Therefore, understanding the meaning of temptation, its application and biblical perspective of the term allows one to devise best methods for remaining steadfast in faith and loyal to God’s will.
Part 1: Definition of Temptation
Temptation refers to the urge to do something that is contrary to set spiritual values. It begins with a desire to perform an act that is considered wrong, evil or unspiritual – consciously or unconsciously. The initial interpretation involves subjecting one to trials with a purpose of strengthening them in their faith and helping them understand their weaknesses (Etzel & Gutierrez, 2014). Also, a temptation is viewed as the plans of God and Satan, though both have different aftermaths. When the outcome is evil, the trials is termed as Satan’s doing, while a good result is referred to as God’s strategies to help His servants become stronger in faith and endurance. The testing of man’s faith occurs on a daily basis in the world, but repentance always ensures one remains in the will of God. Therefore, understanding the stipulations of the Bible allows one to differentiate right from wrong whenever they are faced with any tempting situation.
Part 2: Biblical Foundations for Temptation
Based on the Bible, a temptation has two meanings. Firstly, it is a trial that God or Satan sets for an individual to test their faith. For instance, Abraham’s faith was tested by God in Genesis 22:1, while Satan tested Job in Job 1:12 to proof that he was a faithful servant of the God. Secondly, the term means harboring evil intentions and thoughts that cause one to sin. For example, in 2 Samuel 11, David had lustful desires for Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, which motivated him to speed up Uriah’s death in the battlefield by putting him in the front row to commit adultery with his wife.
The Bible argues that temptations are common to everyone, but the ability to identify it varies from one person to the other. When the Holy Spirit led Jesus to the wilderness, the devil tempted him for different reasons (Etzel & Gutierrez, 2014). It was meant to teach humans how to escape devil’s trials through quoting and believing in Holy Scriptures in the Bible. Temptations help to remind one to stay strong in their faith. According to Luke 8: 11-15, Jesus taught that people should work hard to nurture their faith but still be careful because the seed of temptation always destroys their effort. As a result, the ability to avoid temptations constantly calls for believers to pray to God for wisdom and understanding. In doing so, one gets the knowledge to identify sources of temptations before they befall them.
Part 3: Practical Application of Temptation
Imagine a situation where your neighbor comes to borrow some money to take her son in a critical condition to a hospital; you had planned to buy a TV set, would you sacrifice your personal desires for those of your neighbor? In such a situation, God puts one through trials to test their ability to assist their friends who are in need by sacrificing their personal needs. The Bible teaches us to share with the needy because it is God’s will, and only a person with strong faith can with...
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