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The Ten Commandments (Essay Sample)


The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments
Christians believe in the Ten Commandments as the laws given to man by his creator. The commandments govern man's relationship with his fellow men and with God. This is a summary of the commandments: I am your God and you should never have any other gods, never make an image, either under water or on land, and bow down or serve them for I am your God, You shall never take the Lord's name in vain, for God will hold whoever takes His name guilty, and remember to keep the Sabbath day holy and never do any work (Federer, 2002). The fifth commandment says honor your parents for the days the Lord has given you to be longer on earth, never commit murder, never commit adultery, you shall never steal, you should never bear any false witness against any of your neighbors, and the last one commands you should never covet any of your neighbor's property, wife, male servant, his fox, his servant, donkey, or anything else belonging to your neighbor.
The above commandments have always bonded man and his creator for the days in history. However, there are several issues that have been faced with many people suggesting that the commandments are not valid and should not be taken seriously. Many people have also believed in uniting the state and the church to maintain the best of relationship. These commandments have been viewed separately by specific individuals such as scholars, teachers of the Bible and philosophers (Levi & Segal, 2009). It should be well understood that these commandments have been a major topic of interest for the past years in history.
Some of the persons proposing to Ten Commandments have created wide views and divisions among communities profoundly trying to fight their own mistakes and problems they face. Such individuals always believe in the commandments as rules that have to be followed by man without any alteration (Seton, 2007). This is something has to be done unconditionally for any person to see eternal kingdom. This is the reason why such commandments have remained a pillar of the Christian faith. It is believed by Christians that these commandments were necessary otherwise the faith would not be easily practiced. Because of these differences and controversies the commandments have remained a major area of interest.
It is also interesting to note that some opponents of the commandments, and with many being deeply religious, have portrayed themselves as anti-religious and against God or any approaches towards achievement of freedom. These individuals strongly believe that we cannot easily live by these commandments only and the reason laws and regulations imposed by the government are mandatory. Many people also believe that these many issues and human problems that cannot be solved or judged within the scope of the commandments. At some places we have these commandments posted in courthouses and other public places hence causing a lot of controversy (Levi & Segal, 2009).
Regarding the significance of these commandments and how they are viewed in the society, there are other major documents that have also been suggested to be used such as documents offering discussions about gay rights, issues surrounding atheism. There have been a lot of misguided issues about these Ten Commandments. This has raised a lot of issues as to whether these commandments should be accepted and be the final agreement between men and their creator, or whether they should be deemed unnecessary and non-significance (Seton, 2007). The treatment of the Ten Commandments as an historical and legal treats have been greatly indissoluble thus causing a lot of views and arguments.
However, while many governments and individuals have varied views about these commandments, they remain the major connotations guiding Christians. It would be something necessary for governments to adopt similar opinions and use these commandments to base their legal amendments and legislation. According to me, I believe strongly that these Commandments are a true history and a...
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