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Air Pollution and its Effects on Humans and Animals (Essay Sample)


This assignment was about the effects of air pollution on human beings and animals. It started by defining air pollution and why it is an issue of international concern. It also outlined the sources of air pollution and exposure routes of air pollutants. The paper then delved into the effects of air pollution on humans and animals. The effects on humans discussed in the paper included respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular diseases, neurotoxicity, and damage to external organs such as the skin and eyes. The effects on animals discussed included respiratory and cardiovascular conditions in domesticated animals, coral bleaching, effects on fish and birds, and depletion of food sources for a variety of wild animals due to global warming.


Air Pollution and its Effects on Humans and Animals
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Air Pollution and its Effects on Humans and Animals
Air pollution refers to the presence of contaminants such as dust, smoke, and chemicals in the atmosphere that pose a present or potential hazard to human beings, animals, and plants. Pollutants are released into the atmosphere through anthropogenic activities or natural phenomena. Human activities contribute to the bulk of air pollution, mainly from transportation and combustion of fossil fuels to generate energy. In recent decades, air pollution has become an issue of international concern due to its impact on human health and the environment. It causes a myriad of diseases affecting the respiratory, nervous, and cardiovascular systems in humans leading to increased morbidity and mortality. In animals, air pollution can result in disease through bioaccumulation in the food chain and disruption of habitats.

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