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Application: Allport's Trait Theory (Essay Sample)


The sample is about the application of Allport\'s Trait Theory


Application: Allport's Trait Theory
All port’s theory defines cardinal traits as traits that some individuals possess which is practically define in their life. Monica`s housekeeping routine in regard to the cardinal traits is probably to be the underlying deep love for the number exactitude coupled by the features that she carried into her existing housekeeping chores. Monica’s depicted cardinal trait via her association with her acquaintances which correspondingly designates her prevailing communal group that is extremely noteworthy for her and she is continuous contact with the full friends. Monica’s demands for socialization describe her individuality since she gets along better with her associates than her personal husband. Her association with her own family in terms of the cardinal traits is mainly defined as a great mother who takes care of her offspring`s physical and emotional requirements. Conversely, her association with her spouse could also be described as distant as and less significant to her than the corresponding association with her associates.
Central traits are normally handful of exceptional traits that define an individual`s behavior. Monica’s housekeeping is described as perfectionist and nearly neurotic as she is preoccupied with cleaning of her household and cannot withstand mess within her home. She is depicted by her acquaintances as hospitable, steadfast, lively, and compassionate. Monica is also portrayed to possess good heart and the best mother to her prevailing children. The descriptions of Monica’s associates coupled by children regarding her personality support the idea that every individual has a few of the central traits. Secondary traits are normally less dominant and less steady distinctiveness that could solely be acknowledged by a person`s closest relatives and friends. Concerning the underlying case Monica’s secondary traits is mainly defined by her obsession with a faultless, clean household which is supported by all her prevailing friends. Monica’s children know the level of her dedication and as a pragmatic mother particularly in taking care of her disabled child, Jenna. She made sure all her requires are met. Monica also made sure that her children have fun and the children are also aware that she is capable of losing her temper anytime. Monica is evidently obsessed with a gleaming home which she cleans day wise devoid of an apparent reward. She prefers to clean and vacuum the entire rooms of the house every day and undertake a perfect job as her own job yet she does not get any pay, gifts and compliments from her spouse.
Perseverative functional autonomy implies fundamentally to habits coupled with behaviors that are no longer applicable in their original principle, but still persist. Moreover, this kind of behavior is nearly a comatose habit that does not essentially depict a person`s personality. Monica’s passion with cleaning might be as a result of teaching from her parents who taught her ways of cleaning and organizing substances thereby reinforcing the trait as a reward. At first Monica is displayed as a healthy, grown-up adult who is always apprehensive about others, providing her assistance to the populace who required them. Nevertheless, Monica suffers from lack of self-realization more than most of her friends hence making her feel insecure and less intelligence as compared to that populace who went to college. The underlying Case Study depicts Monica as unconfident about since she never attended college. Even though she wants to pursue at least an Associate’s degree within the Legal Studies, she still panics of the underlying big challenge. The mature adult’s self-acceptance normally aids either him or her in accomplishing their emotional security and this purely inapplicable in the description of how Monica feels concerning herself. A cultural bias is depicted within the Allport’s theory in the underlying principle that describes a mature adult as makes of the dedication to some type of work. Even though the corresponding financial stability is normally fundamental within the society, it is not the major feature that pertains to a mature personage in each society in the globe.
Monica’s most...
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