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Explain The Arguments In Support And Against The Death Penalty (Essay Sample)


explain the arguments in support and against the death penalty


Death Penalty
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The death penalty is a very contentious and a very serious matter of debate in the USA since very few democracies in the world practice it, yet around sixty-seven percent of public opinion supports it. Some argue that there are other humane measures of punishing the criminal which include life imprisonment with or without parole. Different countries in the world have unique ways of executing people; these may be hanging, stoning, lethal injection as in the US, firing squads, electric chairs, poisonous gases, etc. This article presents a better understanding of the various arguments for and against capital punishment.
Arguments in support of death penalty.
First, it serves as the greatest warning. If prospecting criminals have the knowledge that if they commit murder, they will be sentenced to death, very few of would undoubtedly kill. It is important and almost impossible to ask the question, whether prospecting criminals are cautious of engaging in the crime of murder? In the broader scale, the death penalty remains the greatest warning for all murder related crimes (Dylan & Gatner, 2016). The system of justice in which the criminals know that justice will ensure that they are sentenced to death no matter what might appear or seem dragon like. This makes them not inclined to break the law and engage in crime.
Secondly, it pronounces the end of grief to victims. Once a person has been killed, many people are left as victims of to that single murder. Even if the criminals are caught, beaten, hospitalized and then convicted, the form retribution might be severe, but the deceased has no part in this since they are gone. The killer has already robbed the family and friends of their loved one. Execution of the murderer may not end the grief but brings a feeling of relief of not having to think about the trauma again.
Arguments against.
First, it is an act of hypocrisy. It is odd that a state will proclaim publicly against the murder of innocent citizens but also commit the same act CITATION Joh06 \l 1033 (Johnson, 2006). By this, it is campaigning for the right to life by robbing other citizens the same right CITATION Kov09 \l 1033 (Kovandzic et al, 2009). Opponents of capital punishment claim that murderers like Ted Bunny ought to have been allowed to live a life of liberty free from parole. If the objectives of any retribution, is teaching people things they ought not to do, the system then ought to teach the criminality of murder by denying doing it.
Secondly, it is not convincing. The prior knowledge of any form of retribution is to convince the criminals not to do the crime, the question is, wh...
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